Day 98: 8/26/19

On Monday, Joe Biden was taken by surprise by Trump’s fundraising, Amy Klobuchar didn’t quite land a joke, and Pete Buttigieg wished students the best of luck going back to school.

If losing campaigns get angry, what sort of campaign gets talkative?

Kamala Harris blew everyone out of the water on Monday with a whopping 4 emails to each of my accounts. Joe Biden was her only competition, sending out 3 emails. No one else managed to top 2, even with the release of a new national poll and the debate qualification deadlines closing in.

Policies are making a statement

Even with the new poll, the debates actually weren’t the most talked about topic. People were far more focused on the size of their war chests. Joe Biden went so far as to declare NO ONE saw this coming (emphasis his).

Crossed out my city name.

I hate to be a complete buzzkill, but, uh… I totally saw this coming? With 20+ major candidates in the Democratic race and 1 major candidate in the Republican race, of course Trump has more money at his disposal and can outspend any Democrat. Also, he’s been fundraising for 2020 since 2016. If you didn’t see this coming, you really were blind to politics in the last three years.

Or maybe you’re just really bad at finances. Knowing Biden, it’s probably that one.

My latest amusement has been coming from candidates who simultaneously brag about how strong their grassroots support is and also say that they aren’t making their goals. Kamala Harris was all about that messaging on Monday.

Can you add a contribution to our presidential campaign before Saturday’s end-of-month fundraising deadline? We need to raise $500,000 this week to get back on track. Pitch in here:

Together, we are building one of the strongest grassroots teams in the country. Thanks for being a part of it.

Kamala Harris

All of her Monday emails were about raising enough money to hit her goals and get back on track. She’s usually in the 2-3 email range for these asks, but with 4 on Monday, I’m feeling her desperation seeping through. It really doesn’t feel like she’s running one of the top five campaigns with how cash-strapped she seems to be. Even Biden is at least only running out of ad money all the time. Harris sounds a lot more like the lower campaigns.

Whenever there’s a “2,” that probably only means 1 campaign actually emailed me, just to both accounts.

John Delaney is pleased with the surge of donors he got after the second debate, but he still doesn’t have enough to make it into the third debate. He’s banging the doomsayer drums hard.

John knows that when we talk about real solutions and not impossible promises, Democrats win. But if Democrats run on a platform of fairytale economics, we could lose everything.

So if Democrats want to defeat Trump in 2020, we need a middle ground candidate like John. That’s why it’s critical to give John the platform to present his ideas to the American people.

We need to get John on the debate stage. Let’s make it happen. Chip in $5 right now:

Team Delaney

Tim Ryan has realized that all he’s been doing this whole campaign is asking for money, and he hastily tried to cover over that with an ask for Facebook likes, Twitter follows, volunteer sign ups… and oh yeah. Donate.

I hope you saw the previous message, because there really are no shortage of ways to get involved, folks.

I know it feels like we’re always reaching out asking for your help in some way — but that’s because our campaign fully relies on your grassroots energy.

You are the backbone of this movement. You are what keeps us fighting the good fight — and you are what will deliver us to victory.

Tim Ryan for America

Even Marianne Williamson is out there begging for money.

In order to defeat Donald Trump in 2020, we need to articulate a vision for the future that motivates and inspires millions of people who didn’t even vote in the last election. And a better version of same old same old is not going to get the job done. The conventional political conversation is too narrow a container for the depth of thinking we need, not only in order to defeat the president but to create a new chapter in American history. We don’t need something stale. We need something fresh.

If I don’t make it into the third debate, I can still make the fourth. And whether or not that happens depends on you. The only thing separating me from those who have high polling numbers is exposure. And the only thing separating me from exposure is the money to make mass exposure possible.

Marianne Williamson

I still don’t think she’s a great writer. The container is too narrow for the depth we need? Narrow is side-to-side. Depth is up and down. The two are not dependent on each other. In fact, there’s this one narrow little creek somewhere in England that is super deep, and people are warned not to jump across because if you fall in, you will die. (I did some Googling: check out the Bolton Strid for some lovely pictures of the unassuming creek.)

Amy Klobuchar, meanwhile, tried to make me laugh with a joke. Except… if you have to explain a joke, it stops being funny.

Last week I sent out a simple tweet that made a lot of news.

Here it is:

What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Greenland?
Greenland is not for sale.

Why did it hit a nerve?

Because it’s funny but it’s also true.

This President made a lot of promises to get elected. He said he’d bring down pharma prices, pass a big infrastructure bill, make us safer and “drain the swamp” to name a few.

But every time he has a chance to move our country forward he folds, surrounded by cronies and afraid of the right-wing groups that put him into office.

The President is afraid. He’s afraid of the future. He’s afraid of equal rights. He’s afraid of science. He’s afraid of the NRA.

But I’m not afraid, and neither are you. We are not afraid of the future. We are not afraid of equal rights. We are not afraid of working people having the same rights and chances to succeed as wealthy people. And we are not afraid of a woman in the White House!

Imagine a President who can stand strong against racism and white supremacy and stand up for comprehensive immigration reform. Who will stare down the NRA and pass gun safety laws including the assault weapons ban. Who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and take on the challenge of our climate crisis.

We need a President who is not bought and sold by special interests and who will fearlessly work for the common good.

I have an optimistic agenda for the future while all the President has is fear and division.

Amy Klobuchar

This illustrates my main problem with Klobuchar. She tries to be quippy and relevant, but she stumbles her way through her punchlines and then expects you to laugh. Let’s try to rewrite this to make it stronger:

“What’s the difference between the President and Greenland?

Greenland’s not for sale.

The continuing Congressional investigations into Donald Trump’s suspicious activities have raised a lot of questions about Trump’s personal wealth and his political actions that seem motivated by a desire to line his own pockets. From tax cuts for his rich friends to accepting orders from the NRA, to suggesting the next G7 could be hosted by his properties (at great tax-payer expense), Donald Trump is clearly only interested in listening to whomever will give him money. He thinks Greenland can be bought because he can be bought.

I’m not like that. I’ve stood up against what is backed by special interest groups to do what is right for the people I represent. When INSERT EXAMPLE HERE OF CORPORATE GREED TRYING TO HURT HER STATE, I responded by HOW AMY DID THE RIGHT THING OVER THE RICH THING.

Imagine a President who can stand strong against racism and white supremacy and stand up for comprehensive immigration reform. Who will stare down the NRA and pass gun safety laws including the assault weapons ban. Who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and take on the challenge of our climate crisis.

We need a President who is not bought and sold by special interests and who will fearlessly work for the common good.

I have an optimistic agenda for the future while all the President has is fear and division.”

I’m no Presidential candidate. I’m just a voter from the Midwest, the very sort of voter Klobuchar says she’s good with. If I can write a better email than her campaign staff in five minutes… it doesn’t speak well for her campaign.

One email I can’t improve upon was sent by Pete Buttigieg, or rather, by his husband, Chasten. As the sole “Info” email of the day, Buttigieg wrote about the public education system.

Across the country, teachers and students are heading back to school. As a teacher, it’s one of my favorite times of the year — one filled with incredible optimism that reflects the hope that comes with a fresh start.

But we’re also at a make-or-break moment with our public education system. The same old debates have left us with underfunded schools, underpaid teachers, and growing inequality.

If we’re going to meet the challenges of today and the future, we have to get public education right. Peter has plans to transform how we fund our schools, value our teachers, and educate our students. Here are a few:

[Links to the plans and descriptions cut for brevity]

This is just the beginning of the new ideas Peter has to give our kids the opportunity they deserve, and prepare America to take on the challenges of the future.

If you’re a teacher heading back to school, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Peter and I are so grateful for the work you do. A teaching mantra I learned very early on said, “students come to school every day to either learn or to be loved.” It is up to us teachers to figure out what they need every day. I want to make sure teachers across our country have the resources to do both.

If you’re a student, good luck! We believe in you. We see you. We are rooting for you.

Chasten Buttigieg

There was no donate button on this email, just links to the various plans Buttigieg has been releasing.

Buttigieg isn’t the only candidate to reference back to school time. Last week, Andrew Yang released back to school merch in his store. Over the weekend, Elizabeth Warren talked about the victory she felt whenever students felt the click as they grasped a really hard idea. But while Yang was focused on stuff and Warren was focused on what teaching meant to her, Buttigieg turned the conversation around and said “This is how we want to support school for you.

The difference in tone is, as always, astonishing. Six months ago, I genuinely thought there was basically no difference between the Democrats.

Reading their emails has proved my own belief so, so wrong.

Will Booker break 200 before or after the next person drops out?

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