Days 96 and 97: 8/24/19-8/25/19

Over the weekend, Kirsten Gillibrand was begging for donations, Cory Booker had a new mug, and Amy Klobuchar wanted to show John Hickenlooper some love.

A fairly quiet weekend

At 5 emails total, Kirsten Gillibrand was the most chatty of the candidates this weekend, followed by Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Andrew Yang with 4 each. Gillibrand’s desperation was highlighted by the bright red scrolling marquee she included at the top of 3 of her 5 emails.

I’m not inspired to donate.

Gillibrand asked me to donate in 3 of her emails, stating that she, again, missed a fundraising goal. Missing goals has been a hallmark of Gillibrand’s campaign since the start. I can only imagine her frustration. She also tried asking me merely to text BRAVE to 60980 to get exclusive updates from the trail, which would undoubtedly lead to more fundraising asks. In her final email of the weekend, she simply asked if I wanted to see her on the debate stage.

Gillibrand has been using women’s rights and reproductive rights as the case behind why she needs to be on that stage. In the past two debates, these issues weren’t talked about at all! If she’s not on that stage, no one will talk about them!

Except… Gillibrand was on the stage in those last two debates. And she didn’t talk about women’s rights or reproductive rights despite having been championing them for her whole campaign. If she hadn’t done it in the past, why would I assume she’d do it in the future? Unfortunately for Gillibrand, she really doesn’t have a convincing case for what she would bring to the debates that isn’t already represented on the stage.

There was a CNN Town Hall this weekend

Debates were still the big focus of the field, but Steve Bullock and Bill de Blasio were both incredibly excited about their CNN Town Hall this Sunday at 7. From the tone of their emails, you’d think they were each going to appear alone, but from the fact that they were doing the same sort of show on the same network at the same time, I deduced they were either simultaneous or back-to-back. When they concluded their town halls, both emailed me to tell me how incredible the night was and how important it was that they continue to speak to Democrats.

On Friday, Pete Buttigieg sent my donor email a “sneak peek” of a new contest, which he launched to my non-donor email on Saturday. Though a standard debate ticket contest–donate through the link, be entered to possibly win two tickets to the debates plus hotel and plane fare–his subject immediately made me smile. “Houston, we have a contest.” Buttigieg isn’t the only campaign to put an emphasis on the way America came together to land a man on the moon, but his was the only campaign to crack that joke about the next debate location. And not only did he put it in the subject, but he kept the thread through the full body of the email, talking about lifting off to get to Houston and how his campaign has been described as a moonshot.

The “Outside” ask was to a familiar name.

Buttigieg wasn’t the only candidate making jokes. Cory Booker was having fun with some old tweets dug up by the press.

Booker has a rocky relationship with both Sleep and Coffee.

Despite not being a dad (and in fact, not even being married), Booker has a penchant for dad jokes. And despite having a dad, I enjoy dad jokes that I can get a good groan at.

I must admit, I’m tempted. But my mug cupboard is already full!

Following the trend of campaigns with membership cards, Joe Biden offered me one of his own. His favorite word is “malarkey,” so of course, that’s on his card.

Donate anything, get a card.

I’m waiting for a campaign to send membership cards to everyone who already donated. I’ve been a member of most of these campaigns for over a month now! Why don’t I have a full set of membership cards?

Out of all of the emails this weekend, only one asked me to donate outside of a campaign. Amy Klobuchar told me that it had been an honor to debate John Hickenlooper on stage and asked if I’d donate to his Senate run. It is, after all, critically important to flip the Senate and Hickenlooper is running to take a Republican’s seat.

It does make me ask: if the Senate is so important, why isn’t Klobuchar trying to hold her seat? We have a glut of Democratic Senators running for President. At least some of those seats are at-risk for going Republican if their occupant becomes the Presidential nominee. Why aren’t any of the Senators talking about who will come after them?

Looks like Booker will be the next 200-email-emailer

6 thoughts on “Days 96 and 97: 8/24/19-8/25/19

    1. You do realize that this makes you probably the first person ever who willingly WANTS to read a political email, right? Like, hunting one down that didn’t hit your inbox? 😉

      20 PETE 20 [sorry, art doesn’t translate into comment well]

      Hey there,

      It’s thanks to the support of this team that Pete’s been on two — soon to be three — Democratic primary debate stages. And it’s supporters like you who should be in the audience cheering Pete on as he shares his vision with the country. So, how about a trip to Houston, home of the next debate?

      We’ve made it a priority to give this community every chance possible to meet Pete and engage with him one-on-one — whether it’s a contest like this, a town hall, or a grassroots event. We believe, as Pete does, that every conversation and connection helps to build a stronger campaign.

      So this is the kick-off of another contest to give you and a guest the chance to join Team Pete in person. We’re lifting off and heading for Houston, and we’d love to have you on board.

      [THIS IS A BLUE LINK] By chipping in a donation of any size, you’ll be automatically entered to win a trip to Houston to meet Pete and watch him live at the next Democratic primary debate.

      If you’ve saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

      $3 $10
      $25 $100
      $250 Other
      At these debates, Pete speaks to the urgency of our nation’s problems — with the bold, break-with-the-past leadership our country needs more than ever.

      His campaign has been described as a moonshot, which makes Houston an appropriate backdrop. It’s a city that helps remind us that when we set our sights high, we can achieve anything.

      That’s why it’s such a great place to bring one of our top supporters, and this contest is an opportunity for you to be our guest.

      [FINAL BLUE LINK TEXT] We hope you get the chance to see the debate live and meet Pete in Houston. Just chip in whatever you can invest in our campaign right now and you’ll be automatically entered to win this trip.


      Pete for America

      (donate button)

      {fine print covering the rules)


      1. Thanks! I know, I’m a bit of a nerd, which is why I love nerdy-type emails like that one. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get that one. Was it to the donor account or non-donor?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. For some reason, I’m having a very hard time replying to this comment!

        Anyway, nerds unite! This email went to the non-donor account. The donor account didn’t get it. Instead, it got the “sneak peek” email the day before.


    1. 😀 Thank you! I am both eager for candidates to drop out so I have less to cover, and worried about them dropping out because I’ll have less to cover!


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