Day 94: 8/22/19

In Thursday’s emails, Kirsten Gillibrand is getting desperate, Steve Bullock is picking and choosing reality to suit his narrative, and Joe Biden has run out of money AGAIN. On a lighter note, a full 9 emails were sent out involving policy plans. Some campaigns remembered that emails can be informative!

Not many campaigns were active on Thursday.

Cory Booker, Kirsten Gilibrand, and Elizabeth Warren all dropped 3 emails in my inbox today, followed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Marianne Williamson with 2 each. While many emails went with standard themes from the campaigns, Gillibrand broke out the colors.

My eeeeeyes!

Gillibrand did announce a success, hitting 115,000 donors, but she’s still 15,000 donors and 3 polls away, with only 6 days left to cover that ground. She really wants to be on that debate stage, and she’s trying everything she can to coax a dollar out of me.

I’m sorry, Gillibrand. I already donated.

Debates debates debates.

Tim Ryan is also scrambling for the stage, though instead of desperation, he is swaggering around with confidence.

We’re here for the long haul, folks.

Our Democratic challengers have their big money machines and celebrity endorsements, but we have something more meaningful: a strong group of grassroots supporters determined to create a new and better way forward for our country.

Tim Ryan

I don’t know about you, but I think some big money machines and endorsements would really help Ryan’s campaign out right about now.

Steve Bullock is another candidate watching the deadline looming with no debate qualifications. Instead of desperation or confidence, he’s reacting with anger.

Last night, Gov. Jay Inslee announced he’s no longer running for President.

Last week, former Gov. John Hickenlooper ended his presidential campaign, too.

I’m now the only governor running for President.

And that makes it even more clear that the DNC’s debate rules disadvantage candidates who are from outside DC and have real experience getting things done.

We’re not going to let party bosses stand in our way. I’m going to keep going everywhere and talking with everyone. But if I’m going to make it to the next debate, I do need your help.

Steve Bullock

Now he’s attacking the DNC because he’s not very popular. Let’s take a look at his claim and then at the facts.

Bullock says the DNC’s debate rules disadvantage candidates who are from outside DC and have real experience getting things done.

Candidates who haven’t made it on stage so far include:

  • Kirsten Gillibrand: Sitting U.S. Senator
  • Tim Ryan: Sitting U.S. Representative
  • Michael Bennet: Sitting U.S. Senator
  • Tulsi Gabbard: Sitting U.S. Representative
  • John Delaney: Former U.S. Representative

Candidates who have made it on stage include:

  • Pete Buttigieg: Current South Bend Mayor. No DC experience.
  • Andrew Yang: Entrepreneur, Lawyer, and Venture Capitalist. No DC experience.

Candidates who haven’t made it on stage but who are doing better than him in polls and/or donors:

  • Tom Steyer: Activist and Fundraiser. No DC experience.
  • Marianne Williasmson: Author. No DC experience.

This is not the first time Bullock has blamed the DNC’s rules for his poor performance. It probably won’t be the last. When Bullock drops out, he’ll probably still be blaming the DNC for shutting him out of the debates. But when Washington insiders aren’t on the stage, and Washington outsiders are racing up the polls, the problem isn’t that the rules are biased against Washington outsiders. It’s that Bullock isn’t catching on with American voters. Bullock can blame the rules all he wants, but if he doesn’t take a good hard look in the mirror, his campaign will continue to falter.

Joe Sestak never asks for donations when he’s giving me his schedule.

Out of all the candidates asking for money on Thursday, Joe Biden was the one who stood out.

Trump’s campaign is paying money to run ads online so that their donation link is the first thing you see when you search “donate Joe Biden.”

But, listen, here’s the thing: We can’t stop them because we’re out of money to run online ads for the rest of the month.

Team Joe

Biden even included a helpful image to demonstrate:

I tested it. This works.

I don’t know if I’m more offended that Biden is assuming his supporters won’t look at the name on the link/won’t recognize the HUGE PICTURE OF DONALD TRUMP after you click the link or offended that Biden is once again out of August ad money and needs me to bail him out.

Remember, earlier in August, Biden did a fundraising push that nearly completely funded his August ad budget except for $15,000.

And then earlier this week, Biden needed $75,000 for his new campaign ad.

Now, Biden is $25,000 short of what he needs to run online ads to combat Trump’s ads.

Will someone, anyone, join the Biden campaign as a financial adviser? This man clearly has no idea how money works.

Not all the candidates are making straight money grabs. Quite a few of them were offering up their policies and asking for my signature to show support. Michael Bennet started the policy emails on Thursday by talking about how it was time to put workers first. Cory Booker followed up with a climate change plan and referenced Jay Inslee bowing out of the race. Marianne Williamson expressed her desire for a U.S. Department of Peace. Bernie Sanders released his hefty climate change plan. And Elizabeth Warren reminded her non-donors that she too had a climate change plan. It would seem that Inslee dropping out of the race triggered a wave of climate support.

It also triggered another drop out. Seth Moulton announced today that he would no longer be running for President of the United States.

Not via email.

One by one, they fade away…

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