Farewell Jay Inslee

At 9:37 PM ET on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington, has decided running for President is not the way for him to continue to fight climate change.

Decent spread, Saturdays were slow.

In 93 days, Jay sent 110 emails to me as a non-donor and 68 emails to me as a donor. Thursday was his favorite day to reach out, and he seemed to take Saturdays to rest a little.

Not a morning person.

Jay was a sensible man, timing most of his emails to arrive in my inbox between 11 AM ET and 4:59 PM ET, with a handful coming later than that and very few coming earlier.

One thing was on his mind.

While Jay was the “Climate Change Candidate,” most of his emails were focused on the debates. He fought hard to get into the first two debates, and he made a real push at the end of his campaign to get the necessary donors to qualify for the third debates. Unfortunately for Jay, his alarm bells about the climate crisis wasn’t catching on in the polls. Even with the financial support, the statistical support just wasn’t there.

He swiped out a lot.

For such a cheerful guy, Jay did take many swipes at the DNC for refusing to hold a climate change debate. By the time he stepped down, the major news networks were hosting climate change town halls for all the candidates who qualified for the third debates and multiple Democratic candidates were advancing the climate change agenda. Tom Steyer even emailed requesting a climate change debate using language so similar to Jay’s just hours before Jay bowed out.

White is Other

Jay had fun with his campaign. He stopped to say thank you from time to time, whether you donated, volunteered, or just glanced at his emails. Thank you for paying attention.

He also liked to slip GIFs into his emails, especially after a big to-do was made about his choice to wear glasses at the last debates.

Look familiar?

After all, he’s fighting to save the planet, and he looks completely different with his glasses on. You never have seen Jay Inslee and Superman in the same place at the same time, have you?

How do you know he wasn’t fighting to save his fortress of solitude all along?

Thank you for fighting for our planet, Jay. You said it best: Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and organize.

Discord Dude is outdoing himself.

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