Days 89 and 90: 8/17/19-8/18/19

Over the weekend, Julian Castro was totally not distracted, Bernie Sanders revealed his baseball card, and Elizabeth Warren is running for President “because that’s what girls do.”

Sometimes it’s interesting to see what ISN’T represented

Beto O’Rourke has been taking my inbox by storm this past weekend, sending 5 emails in 2 days. Normally not a big emailer, he definitely has had a fire lit beneath him since El Paso.

Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all sent 4 emails over the weekend.

What I found interesting was that Kamala Harris, who had been pouring fundraising emails into my inbox all week, only sent 1 email over the weekend, and that email was asking if I was absolutely sure I didn’t want a free Kamala bus sticker. (It also told me that I needed to claim it before they ran out of stock, and also that they weren’t going to start printing it until Monday. Fascinating that they could run out of stock before they set the order.) Pete Buttigieg was also silent over the weekend after a spate of fundraising emails that had irritated some of his supporters.

Fundraising for debates falls under Debates.

In an effort to win the hearts and minds of Americans, Joe Biden sent out an email telling me about his backstory and how he grew up in a working class home, same as most Americans. He’s not the first candidate to try to win me over with a folksy backstory, and I doubt he’ll be the last.

Kirsten Gillibrand pushed hard for my support to get her to the debate stage. She pointed out that no one else will fight for women’s rights as hard as she will, and she is standing strong through all the criticism and name-calling she is facing. While I have no doubt about that, and while I am female myself, so women’s rights are very important to me, I don’t feel like it’s the right number 1 topic for this election cycle. The planet is on fire. Our government is a mess. Innocent people get shot in the street or at school. I’m not saying women’s rights aren’t important, but I’d rather save the planet and worry about being imprisoned for a miscarriage than be confident that my miscarriage would never land me in jail but not know how much longer the planet will be habitable.

That being said, her plan to Clorox the Oval Office is definitely something I feel should be done the moment the current guy leaves the room.

Beto O’Rourke has been talking about campaign events he’s been doing. He’s gone to Mississippi to help the victims of the ICE raids two weeks ago now, and he went to Arkansas and to a gun show to talk about the importance of gun control laws.

Beto visited a gun show in Arkansas today to talk about his new gun violence prevention plan. We’re pretty surprised by the reaction he got. It turns out, lots of gun owners are supportive of proposals like background checks and an assault weapons ban.

One Trump supporter even said: “I saw you walk by and said, ‘Wow what’s he doing here?’ I respect you for talking to me.”

But the gun lobby is having absolutely none of it. Now the state’s gun-lobby-funded Lieutenant Governor and the National Rifle Association are attacking Beto online. Why? Because gun manufacturers, their PACs, and their lobbyists — not gun owners — are terrified of Beto’s plan.

Team Beto

His campaign emailed me a video of his speech in Arkansas, calling it “One of the best speeches we’ve ever seen Beto give.” He really does seem to be coming into his own, and I’m glad for his voice in the race, even if I do feel it’s too late.

Julian Castro, meanwhile, says this:

I’m watching as he tries to distract Americans from his failures by dividing us.

But I won’t be distracted.

That’s why my new ad exposes Donald Trump for the failure that he is.

Julian Castro

I can’t help but feel like Castro is being distracted by Trump away from focusing on the issues and is now focusing on Trump. “I won’t be distracted” indeed…

Castro also referenced the article that Bernie Sanders talked about on August 6. Unlike Sanders, Castro identified that more than one candidate hadn’t received donations from billionaires.

Like Sanders, Castro chose to ignore Tim Ryan and Bill de Blasio on that list.

Not only am I rejecting every cent of corporate PAC money…

…But I just learned Bernie Sanders and I are the only 2020 Presidential candidates who haven’t taken money from a single billionaire.

Julian Castro

Castro isn’t even qualifying this with “virtually” like Sanders did. He’s flat-out striking Ryan and de Blasio from the race. Never mind that he’s just learning news that everyone else knew two weeks ago (in typical Castro fashion), but he’s misrepresenting the facts to spin the narrative he wants to tell. With every email he sends, my opinion of Castro sinks lower and lower.

Pie chart won the popularity contest for this spread.

The Outside asks were all covered in yesterday’s post, as no new ones came in on Sunday. Sunday was instead a day for shilling merch.

As mentioned earlier, Kamala Harris tried to get me to accept a free sticker again. It is a nice sticker, but I am not so enamored by her bus that I want a sticker of it.

Tom Steyer was choosing to ignore the attacks from his fellow candidates (over the weekend he received jabs of varying degrees of directness from: Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Michael Bennet, Andrew Yang, and Jay Inslee) and instead celebrated the good week he had of getting enough donors to qualify for the debates by offering a 2-pack of campaign buttons for a donation of at least $1.

I will note that when he was trying to get 130,000 donors, he was offering a 5-pack for $1, though that was stickers and not buttons.

Steve Bullock sent out an ad for his merch store, choosing his can koozie as his main advertising hook on Sunday, while Bernie Sanders told me I could get his baseball card with a $1 donation.

Why don’t we have candidate trading cards? Gotta catch ’em all!

Elizabeth Warren was launching a new design for her merch: Women with Warren. It marks the 99th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. (For people confused, as I was: the Amendment passed Congress in 1919, making this year the 100th anniversary of the Congressional approval, but it wasn’t fully ratified by the states until 1920, making next year the 100th anniversary of the full national right to vote for women ensconced in the Constitution.) She included several stories about her campaign style in her emails, including this one:

Whenever Elizabeth meets a little girl on the campaign trail, she tells her, “My name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for president, because that’s what girls do.” Then they pinky promise to always remember it. 

We want every girl to grow up knowing that they can fight from the heart — and they can win. 

Roger Lau, Campaign Manager, Warren for President

Story time: my niece is 5 years old. Last May, we were having dinner together and she saw a Boot Edge Edge campaign sticker. She read it and asked me about it: it made no sense without context. Not wanting to get too in the weeds with a five-year-old, I simply said: “Pete Buttigieg is a man who’s running for President. He wants to be President next year.”

My niece looked up at me and said: “Oh. Well, he’s not gonna be!”

“Oh?” I asked her, surprised at her conviction. “And why not?”

“Because a girl is!”

I would be shocked if my niece knew who our current President was, much less that there had never been a female President in the history of our country, but her conviction stirred my cynical heart. I pulled up pictures of the female candidates and told her a bit about them. Kamala Harris did not inspire much of a reaction, but when I searched for Elizabeth Warren, her eyes went wide and she gave a little gasp. “I want Elizabeth to be President!” she told me. She repeated this again two months later when a conversation between her aunts and uncles at a pool party turned to politics.

Remembering the story of Warren and little girls, I donated to Warren in my niece’s name and ended up on a second political mailing list. The difference between the two inspired the start of this blog.

Warren keeps asking in emails what I’d say if she ever called me to thank me for my donation. If she ever did, I’d tell her that story. (I’d also tell her to check out my blog!)

O’Rourke is coming up on triple digits!

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