Day 88: 8/16/19

On Friday, Joe Biden announced that Bernie Sanders announced that Sanders had raised $47.5 million total and Biden needed to step up his fundraising game. Then Joe Sestak announced that Joe Biden announced that Bernie Sanders announced that Sanders had raised $47.5 million and Biden needed to step up his fundraising game and therefore this clearly meant that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were both scared of Joe Sestak.

Also, Julian Castro was still angry and Amy Klobuchar learned how to label her charts.

One of these counts is not like the others.

Kamala Harris was the most desperate on Friday, emailing 4 times, all about fundraising. I think in tomorrow’s weekly recap, I’m going to have to count how many fundraising emails each candidate sent.

Joe Biden, Jay Inslee, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Sestak were the second most prolific emailers of Friday, with just 2 emails each.

We know nearly half of those Fundraising emails came from Harris.

The morning started with Joe Biden calling out Bernie Sanders’ massive fundraising haul:

Folks, Bernie Sanders just announced he’s raised a staggering $47.5 million in 2019.

With that much money, ANYTHING could happen in this race.

Team Joe

I’m not entirely sure where Biden got that number. According to Sanders’ publicly disclosed FEC receipts, in the first two quarters, he’s raised $46.5 million, which is a million shy of what Biden is claiming. It’s entirely likely with Sanders’ fundraising machine that he’s pulled in at least another million in the last month and a half, but unless he said as much in a different medium than email, I don’t have that data. Regardless, Biden wants more money from me to keep up with Sanders.

Enter Joe Sestak. Admiral Sestak is doing surprisingly well for a candidate most people have never heard of and couldn’t pick out of a lineup (though to be fair, how many of you could pick Hickenlooper out of a lineup?). He sent an email early on Friday to remind me that he’s tied for 9th out of 24 candidates according to a recent poll, but then, a few hours later, I get an email with the subject “THEY HEAR MY FOOTSTEPS!”


Alert: Joe Biden just announced that Bernie Sanders raised a staggering $47.5 million in 2019!

They hear my footsteps… since I arrived in Iowa 54 days ago, Joe Biden has dropped 37% in the Iowa polls and Bernie slid 59%… as I’ve gone up 100%+!
No wonder they’re panicking! At this rate, I’ll pass them both in two months!


Keep the momentum up by contributing today!


Thank you!


Joe Sestak

This email is so completely out of character for Sestak. I don’t know where it came from. He’s been running a very old-fashioned campaign with brochures and paper maps and asking me to send him checks in the mail. Exclamation points and bold are… rather youthful for Sestak.

And that’s without going into much depth over his numbers. There probably isn’t much of a correlation between Biden and Sanders dropping and Sestak entering Iowa. And I do feel the need to point out that when you start with 0 people supporting you in the polls and you get 1 person supporting you, your support has gone up 100%. When you get a second person, that’s a 200% increase from when you started.

I’m amused by Sestak’s excitement. I’ll let him have it today. If he wants to push the narrative that Biden and Sanders are panicking about him, at the very least, it will keep me entertained.

One person, donor and non-donor emails combined.

What made me frown on Friday was Julian Castro’s email about fellow Democratic competitor Tom Steyer.

Morning Joe: Tom Steyer reaches donor debate threshold

Help me reach the debates and show you don’t have to be a billionaire hedge fund manager to be President. >>

I have three critical pieces of news to share:

— Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer is buying this election
— He just sunk $10 million into buying voters and donors
— And now I’m learning he’s hit the donor threshold for the debates

Look — this makes me angry.

I’m from an immigrant family, I grew up in an underserved neighborhood, and Americans like me deserve the same chance as a billionaire hedge fund manager to succeed in this country.

Julian Castro

For starters, Castro always seems to be lagging behind the news. He’s just learning now that Steyer hit the donor record? The rest of us knew that on Tuesday.

It’s understandable that Castro is upset: Steyer is now effectively tied with him for chance to get on the next debate stage, despite having not run nearly as long. But again, Castro’s complaint boils down to It’s not fair that Steyer has more money than I do.

There’s nothing about Steyer’s record on the issues, nothing about red flags he has as a person or a candidate, nothing about shady business deals or ties with Russia… Castro, like all of the other candidates complaining about Steyer, only attacks him because he’s rich.

Candidates have attacked each other in the past. Kamala Harris struck out at Joe Biden for past legislative choices. John Delaney attacked Elizabeth Warren for having unreasonable ways of paying for her plans. Marianne Williamson has lashed out at everyone else for daring to make a political election about politics. These are fair(ish) criticisms and directions of attack. “I don’t agree with choices you are making. This is why my way is better.”

Steyer is getting attacked for utilizing the resources available to him.

2 of the candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have made a huge to-do about how their fundraising is somehow more “pure” because they don’t ask rich people for help. Do you know who else isn’t asking rich people for help?

Tom is not holding swanky fundraisers with corporate executives to fund his 2020 bid. He is relying on grassroots support from people like you and his own resources. Tom wants Americans to know that he won’t be beholden to special interests.

Team Tom

Tom Steyer has a point. He’s “unbuyable” because he’s already rich.

I just… again, I agree, it doesn’t feel right or fair that Steyer can buy his influence. But it’s not wrong that he can. It doesn’t make him a bad candidate because he has money. And until another candidate can show me some legitimate dirt on Steyer, I’m going to have to keep defending his right to run for office as a decent guy who wants to make a difference for the better in the world.

Everyone wants to catch up on Fundraising

Beto O’Rourke is kicking into overdrive to try to play catch-up after focusing all his time on El Paso these last two weeks. Bernie Sanders has 850,000 donors and wants to hit 1 million. He also has the Bern app on the app store to help with your grassroots organizing. Jay Inslee, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Michael Bennet are all trying to get to 130,000 donors for the debate stage (and Gillibrand is still offering a t-shirt for first-time donors). Andrew Yang has decided to put another high fundraising deadline in front of his donors, making 3 since the July debates.

Cory Booker, however, wanted to let me know that he hit his fundraising goal after extending the deadline one day, and he’s very grateful to me. He was one of the Info emails, not asking for anything more (for the moment).

Elizabeth Warren was the other Info email, launching her plan to help the Tribal Nations of our country.

And Amy Klobuchar sent me a chart that had actual numbers on it!

I also got an animated countdown for her deadline.

It’s been pointed out that I don’t talk about Klobuchar very much, and that is unfortunately true. The simple answer is that Klobuchar’s emails are boring and repetitive. She tends to reference the same few quotes from articles over and over again, especially that she has the best chance of beating Donald Trump and events she holds are standing room only. After hearing the same thing for the fiftieth time, it’s neither interesting nor funny, so I just brush past her. Her emails are as forgettable as she is.

Where does your candidate fit in the spam-o-meter?

4 thoughts on “Day 88: 8/16/19

    1. Buttigieg doesn’t email very frequently. I try to keep the reports to the interesting emails of the past day/weekend/week. He didn’t email me at all on Friday, hence the lack of Buttigieg. You can check out the Pete Buttigieg tag at the bottom of the blog to find posts that do either talk about his emails or reference him.


  1. “Marianne Williamson has lashed out at everyone else for daring to make a political election about politics.”

    I lol’ed because it’s true.


    1. She keeps hammering on that point. I think she does HAVE a point, countering Trump’s inanity with thirty point policy papers isn’t going to win enough votes, but to take politics completely out of politics is dangerous. It’s what Trump did. Don’t play his game, Marianne!


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