Day 84: 8/12/19

On Monday, Pete Buttigieg wanted some pizza, Bernie Sanders wanted some bucks, and Joe Biden wanted just another petition.

An unusual spread.

Joe Biden sent the most emails on Monday, with 3, but not far behind him was Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Jay Inslee, and Elizabeth Warren, each with 2.

It amused me that the day was bookended by Pete Buttigieg asking me as a non-donor if I wanted to have pizza with him in South Bend. His was the first email of the day and the last email of the night.

I love when a campaign has great design throughout their entire email.

Whoever is responsible for the graphics in this email needs to get some major kudos for their work. Everything feels on-brand and cohesive without being overwhelming. (Pay attention, Joe Sestak!)

Buttigieg had nothing more to ask of me on Monday. Unlike many of the other candidates, if he’s struggling with goals or deadlines, he’s not telling me. He already qualified for the fall debate stages, so he doesn’t need donors, and unlike Bernie Sanders, he seems perfectly aware of his Q2 fundraising haul, so he’s not begging me for more money to catch up to the other candidates.

I hate when one person has a huge goal because it throws off the scale of the chart.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, he’s focusing on his race to 1 million donors faster than anyone else in the history of campaigning.

382 days — how long it took Barack Obama to reach one million donors in 2008.

245 days — how long it took Bernie’s campaign to reach one million donors in 2015.

223 days or less — how long we want it to take to reach one million donors for our campaign this year.

If we can break this record of ONE MILLION people owning our campaign, it will send a CLEAR message to the media and political establishments about our support for Bernie and our agenda to transform our country.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

Shakir did not tell me what day it currently was or how many donors Sanders currently has. These are clearly not numbers I need to know or care about if I want to help Sanders.

He did ask me for a donation on my donor account for the same goal of hitting 1 million donors. Though he said it was to match someone else’s donation, he asked for a hefty $27. From Sanders, who has only ever asked me directly for $3, this was a huge jump. It is more than his average donation, though, so maybe he figured out how to do math and realized he needed to ask for more than the average in order to bring up the average?

He did tell me how matching would work:

1. You make a donation of $27 — or any amount — on this page.

2. Leave a short note when you donate encouraging someone else to make their first-ever donation to Bernie (like one of the ones above).

3. We’ll then send your note to several Bernie supporters, asking them to become a donor and match your donation.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

Except… this isn’t the first time he’s asked me to match a donation with a note of encouragement. On July 12, I got the exact same “here’s how it works” steps, except requesting a donation of $1 instead of $27.

My non-donor account never received an encouraging message from an existing donor, and Sanders never told me there was a match going on.

I compare this to Cory Booker, who also has asked me to be a matching donor:

As you may also know, our average online donation is only $20.62. Can you chip in today and match our average donation? We’ll match your contribution dollar for dollar with a brand new donor.

If you’re able to donate that amount (or any amount), we’ll use it to match the donation of a first-time donor. And your contribution will help us do exactly that. It can be $3, $10, $20.62, or whatever you can afford. Will you become a matching donor, Aimin?

Booker HQ

And Booker has asked me to be a matching donor in the past as well. Except with Booker, usually a day or two after asking for donors who put up the money to match, he sends an email to me as a non-donor saying that he has matching donors lined up, will I please donate to be matched?

If Sanders sends me encouragement on my non-donor account this time, I will absolutely let you know, but right now, I’m not holding out much hope.

Much more common spread.

Joe Biden was the petition king on Monday, asking me to sign petitions to save Medicare and Medicaid and positioning himself as the candidate who would fight for them. I suspect this is against something Trump has been doing, but it made me scratch my head and wonder if he was trying to paint the other Dems as somehow being against Medicare and Medicaid in the same way he paints them as being against Obamacare. (Any Dem who hasn’t been explicitly “only Medicare for everyone” has voiced vocal support of Obamacare.) Biden then emailed to let me know that after telling me he was dead broke for his August ad campaign, money flooded in and he was only $15,000 short of fully funding his ad budget for the month. He finished up the night with a petition to save the Endangered Species Act from Trump.

Can we take a moment to realize that Trump is going full comic book super villain? Now he’s against endangered species?

Speaking of comic books, Jay Inslee was back with his Specs sticker. He didn’t make a superhero reference this time.

Jay might not have 20/20 vision, but he has the 2020 vision to defeat climate change.

Sorry, sorry, dad joke — but it’s really the truth. We have until 2030 to defeat our climate crisis, and after that, it’s just too late. The next president has to make this their top priority — and no one’s committed to that like Jay.

Travis Mockler, Digital Director, Inslee for America

I donated $5 to Inslee for his light-hearted emails comparing him to Clark Kent and Captain Planet. I’m glad to see he’s still having fun.

He is also the first candidate to crack a 2020 joke via email since I’ve been tracking. I don’t know why: it’s right there! It’s the ONLY time a Presidential campaign can take advantage of it!

Who will be the next to 200?

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