Day 80: 8/8/19

On Thursday: Joe Biden gave an “exclusive” code to everyone, Pete Buttigieg wants to grab a pizza with me, and Tulsi Gabbard scored a new endorsement.

Also, But Their Emails! got its first media mention! Thanks to The Detroit News for the shout-out, and welcome new readers from that website!

There was only 1 mention of the past weekend’s events.

The candidates still seem reluctant to jump back into campaigning with both feet, but that didn’t stop Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Tim Ryan, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, or Andrew Yang from sending 2 emails each on Thursday. Everyone else restrained themselves to just 1, or none at all.

This is a much more familiar looking chart.

Asking for money was back in vogue again. Elizabeth Warren was really pushing her donor wall. Usually, she told me, donor walls are for rich people who gave lots of money, but at her headquarters, they were for grassroots donors! (But only for grassroots donors who donate this week.)

Kamala Harris is ramping up for a big fight. America’s starting to pay attention to the race, she pointed out, so her campaign made their first 6-figure ad buy and now they need me to help fund it so she can remain competitive.

Tom Steyer would like me to know that he’s doing things differently than other campaigns: he’s not courting high-dollar donors or corporate PACs. He certainly is different (just like everyone else). He did remind me that he wasn’t going to be bought by rich people, but he did need 130,000 supporters to get into the debates.

Julian Castro is still upset that Trump attacked him the other night. He barely made reference at all to the fact that the attack was directed at his brother, Joaquin, who had been publicizing already-public information about Trump donors and “shaming” them. The attack was only a glancing hit on Castro (to paraphrase, it called Joaquin lesser than his brother, Julian, who was himself “not much of a man”), but it was enough for Castro to demand a huge response from his base:

Trump hurled sickening attacks at me last night.
Maybe it’s because I said he’s stoking hate in our country.
Maybe he heard me call him racist.
Or maybe he just can’t stomach the idea of a Hispanic person defeating him.
I can’t make him take back what he said. But together, we can make him regret it.
I’m calling on a surge of support — 8,000 more gifts before midnight — to fuel my campaign and show that we will not stand down in the face of Trump’s hatred.

Julian Castro

Cory Booker is glad he’s on the debate stage, but more and more people are qualifying every day, so he needs a fundraising push to make sure he continues to stand out among the still-crowded field.

Andrew Yang is also hoping for a fundraising push. After raising $1.5 million earlier this week, he added a new goal of $250,000 more. By the end of the night, though, he was starting to worry he may have asked for too much too quickly:

After qualifying for the Fall debates, we set a goal to raise $250,000 in the following 48 hours. Since then, we’ve only raised $54,000. We need to speed up the donations if we want to hit our goal!


Steve Bullock and Joe Biden have been shilling for their merch stores. They highly encourage me to go check it out. Biden’s even offered me an “exclusive” discount code for being a follower for so long.

He offered the same code to both of my accounts. It’s 99ARQECDF625 if you want to receive 10% off your Biden merch, and it’s only good through the weekend. Don’t say I never did anything for you!

In literal Other news, what’s interesting is that Pete Buttigieg is still pushing “call your Senator,” but he’s been using it as a pivot back to campaigning on policy and the importance of action.

Our country is under attack from homegrown white nationalist terrorists, helped by an unchecked gun lobby. Pete’s plan is designed to confront this national security threat with the urgency and bold solutions it requires.

That starts with creating change in Washington.

The House recently passed a gun safety bill that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with, but Mitch McConnell is blocking a vote in the Senate.

Already, you’ve made more than 20,000 calls to the Senate to demand they reconvene immediately to act on gun safety and hate. Washington works for you, not the NRA. Join us in reminding them.

Pete for America

A couple campaigns are still dealing with the El Paso and Dayton attacks: Beto O’Rourke’s and Tim Ryan’s. Everyone else has taken a sharp turn back to “hey, road trip in Iowa!” “Hey, debates!” “Hey, fundraising!” This completely change in attitude felt like “We interrupt this show to bring you an important news announcement… and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.” But Pete Buttigieg is kneading the events into his campaign strategy, using it as a springboard for “We need action NOW, not in 2020.”

No other campaign has adapted their overall message to fit current events (via email). This has really been standing out.

Current events are already fading.

Of course, just as I praise Buttigieg for demonstrating an ability to flow with reality, he does return to regular campaigning!

Some of the women had offered drinks with them as a fundraising prize. Buttigieg is offering 3 winners and their guests a chance to have a pizza night with him (and I’ve heard rumors that his dogs may make an appearance…)

Buttigieg wasn’t the only one offering a prize. Joe Sestak is trying to get on the debate stage.

I had kept in my bureau drawer a few of the “Command Coins” I handed to exceptional young sailors — or to leaders of nations who visited us at sea — while I led our nation’s youth in harm’s way as the Commander of the George Washington Aircraft Carrier Battle Group (and COMCRUDESGRU TWO) in war — the highest honor I will ever be given.

Because of what these coins mean to me in “service,” I would like to present two “exceptional” supporters, each with one of my remaining “Command Coins.” 

I must gather 130,000 individual donors of $1 each — $1 — to mount the Fall debate stages, I would like to give the two supporters who gather the highest number of people that each give at least $1 (more, if desired) a “Command Coin” — by midnight of Monday, August 26.

Joe Sestak

He included rules, though they seemed a little convoluted. I think you need to keep track of who you got to donate and then snail mail them to his campaign headquarters and he’ll check against the list of donors? He kept making a big deal about needing to write down names and addresses.

Finally, a familiar name showed up: Mike Gravel. Once a candidate for President, Gravel dropped out of the race and endorsed Bernie Sanders. He sent me an email saying as much.

And then Tulsi Gabbard sent me an email from Mike Gravel in which Gravel endorsed Gabbard. She included the official endorsement in her email.

If she’s the most qualified and prepared, why did he also endorse Sanders?

So there you have it. If you liked the mountain man candidate, he likes Gabbard. And Sanders.

We stopped on a nice round number this time!

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