Days 75 and 76: 8/3/19-8/4/19

CONTENT WARNING: This post will discuss gun violence, which may upset or trigger some readers. I will try to be vague and put all the charts at the start, and I will put another content warning where it gets heavier.

Email-wise, a quiet weekend.

Tim Ryan was the most vocal this weekend, with 5 emails, followed by Cory Booker with 3.

News events can change the candidates.

Though the bulk of the asks were still for money, those asks almost all came in on Saturday. Tim Ryan sent 1 email out (2 if you count his donor version) at 8:21 AM ET on Sunday. This was clearly a pre-scheduled email as it talked about prioritizing working class families and had nothing to do with current events.

Ryan’s email mentioned above was the only Sunday email not focused on the shootings.

Unsurprisingly, the tragedies in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, were the biggest topic of the weekend.

Tim Ryan has temporarily paused his campaign to be in Dayton, Ohio, with his constituents.

CONTENT WARNING: From here on out, I will be sharing the candidates’ emails on the tragedies in their entirety. I feel it’s important you can see what each candidate has said via email without going through my filter. I will share them in order of arrival. If an email does not make reference to the shootings, I will not include it.


Saturday, August 3, 6:32 PM ET

Subject: El Paso

Earlier today, a mass shooter opened fire at a shopping center in my and Beto’s hometown of El Paso. We don’t know all of the details, but we do know that many people have been injured or killed. Our hearts are broken for this community we call home.

First, I want you to know that all of our staff and volunteers here in El Paso are safe and accounted for. Second, Beto is on his way home. We’ve canceled the upcoming events on his calendar.

Beto recorded a video message and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to watch. Take a look below.

Beto's Video
[Editor’s note: click the link above to actually watch the message]

It’s on all of us to make sure that this does not continue to happen in community after community. Together, we can make this right.

David Wysong
Beto for America


Saturday, August 3, 8:55 PM ET

Subject: On a day of unbearable sorrow

Dear God,
We pray for our brothers and sisters
in El Paso.
Please give them comfort
in this hour of their agony.
May those who are wounded
survive and heal.
May those who died be at peace.
May those who grieve be given the strength
to bear this unbearable moment.
At this time of catastrophe, dear God,
enlighten us and lift us up.
Cast out all darkness and bless all hearts.


Sunday, August 4, 1:06 PM ET

Subject: 2 mass shootings in 24 hours – it’s time to act

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends –

Yesterday afternoon, we watched in horror as we learned that a young man fueled by racism and xenophobia shot and killed 20 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Then, this morning, we woke up to the news that it happened again. Another mass shooting. This one at a bar in Dayton, Ohio shortly after 1 am. Nine more dead and more than two dozen injured.

All in less than 24 hours.

There may be division in communities across the country on a number of important issues, but when it comes to the issue of gun violence prevention there is none:

Democrats, Republicans, Independents and even gun owners agree, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, it is time to stand up to the NRA and take action to make our communities safer from gun violence.

Just now, Gabby Giffords called on Senator Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back from August recess immediately to address this issue, and I agree. He should. Now I want you to add your name, and to take action to support Gabby and her organization:

Sign my petition: tell Senator Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back from August recess and to debate and vote on legislation that will make our communities safer from gun violence.

The days of the NRA controlling Congress and writing our gun laws must end.

My colleagues know that there is action we can take to stem this slaughter. And we know this because ours is the only major country on Earth with this level of gun violence.

We can do it this week. We can take steps that we know will make us safer.

And we should.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Sign Bernie’s petition: tell Senator Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back from August recess and to debate and vote on legislation that will make our communities safer from gun violence.



Sunday, August 4, 2:27 PM ET

Subject: No more thoughts and prayers

Content warning: this email contains references to gun violence and mass shootings that some readers may find upsetting.

Yesterday in El Paso, 20 people lost their lives at a shopping mall. It was a Saturday afternoon. They were killed by a man with an assault rifle, and it was over in minutes.

And then, late last night, nine people were killed during a mass shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio, by a man wearing body armor, wielding what has been described as an “assault-style weapon.” The shooting lasted no more than 1 minute.

This is life in America in 2019. People are killed by guns in schools, at festivals, at concerts, at places of worship, in malls, and at picnics — everywhere people live their lives. El Paso was the 250th mass shooting in America this year, and Dayton is 251.

This doesn’t happen anywhere else. It happens in America because our so-called leaders lack the courage to act. And frankly, I’ve had enough. Have you?

As President, I will ask Congress to place comprehensive gun reform on my desk within 100 days. If they fail to act, I will take action. Here is what I will do:

  • I will revoke the licenses of gun manufacturers and dealers that break the law and take the most egregious offenders to court.
  • I will mandate the most comprehensive background checks in history by requiring anyone who sells more than five guns in a year to run a background check on all gun sales.
  • And I will ban the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons into the United States.

These are actions well within the powers of the presidency. And I will take them. This is a public health emergency that needs to be addressed.

No more thoughts and prayers. We need action. If you’re with me, split a contribution to Giffords, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America »


Thank you for adding your voice to this fight. We can’t accept this as normal in America. We have to act, and we have to act now.

For the People,

— Kamala Harris


Sunday, August 4, 3:12 PM ET

Subject: We have to address what’s happening in America

Today, we are heartbroken. But it’s more than that —

At least 29 lives were stolen, families broken, communities shattered in El Paso and Dayton within 13 hours. Dozens more wounded. Between those two mass shootings, dozens more were killed and injured by gun violence that didn’t make national headlines.

First: Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines don’t belong on our streets.

We must stand up to the NRA and gun manufacturers — they don’t own this country. We the people own this country.

But even more importantly: We have to address what’s happening in America.

We continue to bear witness to acts of terror carried out with a common thread: hatred of “the other.” We saw it in Charlottesville two years ago, at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, and now in El Paso.

We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. And in this moment, we all have a responsibility to declare with conviction that hatred and bigotry and white supremacy have no place in America.

We will give hate no safe harbor.



Sunday, August 4, 4:51 PM ET

Subject: We cannot continue to live in this reality

Friend, over the past twenty-four hours, we have lost at least 29 Americans to mass shootings. More than 50 people are injured, and countless more will suffer from the trauma of these events for years to come.

Let me be clear: Donald Trump is giving license to violence. He’s responsible.

Because his racism and bigotry directly inspires white supremacists who carry out attacks like the one we saw yesterday in El Paso.

Because he hasn’t moved a finger to rid our streets of weapons of war.

Because he blames everything but the easy access to guns for people who have no business possessing them.

Because when these shootings occur, he and other Republicans like Texas Governor Greg Abbott tell us that it is time “to focus more on memorials before we start the politics.”

We don’t have time for that. Before we’re even done mourning one shooting, the next one occurs. We saw that overnight.

I was in church last night — and one of the lessons in my faith is that you reap what you sow.

When Donald Trump uses words like “infestation” and “invasion” and “shithole countries” and tells congresswomen of color to “go back” to where they came from, when he refuses to condemn neo-Nazis and calls them “very fine people” after they run over a woman with a car — he is giving license to this kind of violence.

He is sowing the seeds of white supremacy. He is sowing the seeds of violence. He is engaging in politics that leads directly to the stream of violence we are witnessing.

We cannot continue to live in this reality.

There are so many steps we can take to end this uniquely American problem. We can ban the weapon of war the El Paso and Dayton shooters used, as my plan would do. We can require federal licensing for everyone who wants to buy and possess a gun, because if you need a license to drive a car, you should need one to get your hands on a gun too.

We need moral clarity and healing and love in our nation. We need leaders who are capable of pursuing that — and we must come together to help our fellow neighbors.

Please, if you are able, consider making a donation to help victims in El Paso and Dayton.

El Paso Victims’ Fund:

Dayton Foundation:

This is a time for moral courage. It is a time for more courageous empathy.



Sunday, August 4, 5:09 PM ET

Subject: Tell McConnell it’s time to act now

Friend –

To go to bed mourning one mass shooting and then wake up to news of another ⁠— this isn’t the America I grew up in, but it is sadly the reality for my three daughters and kids nationwide.

Today, they awoke to the news that 29 lives were stolen from us in two horrific acts of mass gun violence in the past 24 hours alone. On top of that, there are dozens more of our friends and neighbors who have been injured, are mourning the loss of a loved one, or are reckoning with their community being ripped apart.

This is not the world our kids deserve.

I come from a state where we’ve now had 20 years of gun violence, starting with Columbine, which happened just before my first daughter was born.

All three of my daughters have grown up in the shadow of this violence that my generation didn’t — scared to go to school, to a movie theatre, or to a community event, because of what now happens too often in the United States of America.

It’s not just the kind of mass shootings that we commonly think of, but it’s the kind of violence that goes on every single day in neighborhoods across America.

We cannot sit idly by. There are commonsense solutions that the vast majority of Americans support that would make a real difference. We have to demand action and hold our leaders accountable at the ballot box if they fail.

So today, I am calling on Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back in session this week to vote on commonsense gun safety legislation. We need to keep our communities safe. Sign my petition if you agree Congress must act immediately to say enough is enough.

America’s kids have a job: it’s to go to school, to learn, and to explore. It’s not their job to keep weapons of war out of our communities, or to pass background checks to make sure people with no business having guns don’t have them. That’s our job.

Add your name if you agree we have to act now and chip in today to support gun safety groups like Gabby Giffords’ organization, which are fighting every day to keep our kids safe.



Sunday, August 4, 5:58 PM ET

Subject: Enough is enough.


Again, and again, and again, and again, and again…and nothing in response.

In the past week—in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton—our nation has been rocked by mass shootings that killed at least 34 and injured 71. My heart is with each of those communities.

El Paso is suffering because a white nationalist attacked them. This is white nationalist terrorism going unchecked, and it’s complete madness.

Despite massive public support for gun safety measures, we still haven’t passed commonsense reform. There’s just one reason: The NRA has a chokehold on Republicans in Congress.

Enough is enough.We need to take action. We need a president who will stand up to the gun lobby’s greed and take action to save lives, even if Congress won’t.

As president, I will:

  • Combat federal gun trafficking through legislation and executive action
  • Expand background checks and close loopholes on gun sales
  • Ban military-style assault weapons
  • Increase federal resources and gun violence accountability measures for local law enforcement

We can’t become numb. Every time there’s another shooting, families are torn apart, futures are cut short, survivors are left with life-long complications and trauma, and entire communities are changed forever.

This is not normal, and this cannot be life as usual.

We owe it to the victims, their loved ones, and this country to continue our fight against gun violence. And I promise you—I will never let up in the fight to protect American families.

Stand with me and add your name. No more lives taken from gun violence. We need commonsense gun reform, and we need it now.

Thank you,



Sunday, August 4, 7:54 PM ET

Subject: Achieving greater social and racial justice – and reuniting America (our latest policy paper)


Achieving greater social and racial justice – and reuniting America

Our latest policy paper

Our nation mourns after two more tragic incidents of domestic terror. We must, now more than ever, reunite our country. 

At an event in Waterloo, Iowa, today, we discussed my latest policy paper – on achieving social and racial justice. You can read it in full here.

I recognize that the color of one’s skin gives certain privileges that others do not enjoy. My understanding of all this is rooted in part in the experience of growing up alongside Philadelphia, but it especially comes from my 31-years of experience in the United States Navy, an institution which in many ways is a microcosm of America: it is a melting pot, full of beautiful diversity, and with many rules in place to prevent discrimination, but in which it was — when I joined up to serve — easier to succeed and advance for those of my color.

As President, I will work to fight against injustice in all forms so each and every one of us can share equally in the promise of America — much as we advanced greatly toward equality of opportunity in the Naval Service during my time in it. My priorities to achieve greater social and racial justice, if elected President, are to:

  • Oppose white supremacy & white nationalism in all its forms.
  • Always confront sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism, and all forms of bigotry.
  • Pursue criminal justice reform to address injustices in policing, the courts, and prisons.
  • Fight for equal rights for people of color, women, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and indigenous people.
  • Build a diverse, inclusive and truly representative cabinet and administration.
  • Treat migrants and refugees with respect and dignity.
  • End the shameful practice of separating migrant children from their parents or guardians.
  • Pass comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Achieve universal healthcare.
  • Raise the minimum wage, and work for real, rising wages for all.
  • Reinstate and expand voting rights.
  • Address the crisis of homelessness and lack of affordable housing.
  • Decriminalize marijuana and address drug abuse with more and better addiction treatment, not more prosecution and incarceration of nonviolent offenders.
  • Mandate free public education for all 4-year-olds, subsidize daycare for low to middle-income families, and institute paid family and medical leave.
  • Increase access to education, from preschool through higher education, including vocational training, and work with states and school districts to integrate segregated schools.
  • Hold municipalities accountable for providing clean drinking water to all residents.
  • Increase nutrition assistance for needy families.
  • Improve and expand programs to help farmers of color and prospective farmers from underrepresented communities to access farmland and credit, in part through a new National Land Bank and a 21st Century Sustainable Homestead Act.
  • Respect Native American sovereignty and work to improve living conditions on reservations and in other indigenous communities.
  • Strengthen protections for migrant farmworkers.
  • Center workers, human rights, and the environment in all trade negotiations.
  • Pursue smart foreign policy that never ignores the human rights of people in other countries and only considers military action as an absolute last and needed resort — with recognition of “how it will end.”
  • Re-join the Paris Accord and make fighting climate change — which hits already marginalized people first and worst — a national priority once again.

You can read the full policy paper here.


Sunday, August 4, 8:22 PM ET

Subject: enough is enough is enough is enough

I am devastated that there have been another two mass shootings in our country this weekend — this time in El Paso, Texas and in my home state, Dayton, Ohio.

Enough is enough is enough is enough.

I know this issue is painful and if you are triggered and can’t read any further, simply join my call to action to stop gun violence now »

The victims of these massacres — some of them children — had hopes and dreams. They had plans this week to spend time with their families, to go to work, or school or church — and now they’re gone. They deserve more.

We cannot continue to offer up the same condolences again and again with no action to protect our communities.

I’m calling on the Senate to immediately end its August recess and reconvene in Washington to take up a package of legislation meant to stop these acts of horror and other acts of gun violence that affect every single American.

We need to pressure Mitch McConnell to immediately bring the background check bill we passed in the House weeks ago up for a vote in the Senate.

We need to pass an assault weapons ban.

We need to address gun reform as the public health crisis that it is — that starts with more support and mental health services for our children and students.

We need to end the xenophobic, hate-fueled culture President Trump has ignited and start to heal America — before another mother or child is massacred.

Join my call to action now »



Sunday, August 4, 9:03 PM ET

Subject: Dayton and El Paso


I’m heartbroken today. The mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso bring us to 251 this year in the U.S. — and as part of a pattern, the incident in El Paso included explicit white nationalism and political violence, targeting people by race.

These murders didn’t just happen. We have a Republican Party owned by corporations, specifically the gun manufacturers who control the NRA. We have a culture in denial about its own white supremacy. And we have a racist president whose rhetoric encourages an atmosphere of hatred.

That Mr. Trump refuses to condemn white nationalism or take action to protect American lives is, as I’ve said since 2017, an impeachable offense. He should resign immediately if he cannot call out these hate crimes for what they are, and take immediate action to protect the American people.

Today, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords called on Senator McConnell to bring the Senate back from its August recess to address this crisis immediately. The House passed H.R. 8 — Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 — 158 days ago. Our senators must go on the record about where they stand — just as they should go on record as to whether Donald Trump has surpassed the threshold for impeachment.

Please join me in supporting Congresswoman Giffords’ call to Mitch McConnell. Add your name here. 

Thank you.



Sunday, August 4, 10:49 PM ET

Subject: El Paso and Dayton

Hello —

Our campaign team is devastated by the attacks in El Paso and Dayton.

We are still learning more about each tragedy, but here are two things we know to be true:

First, America is under attack from domestic, white nationalist terrorists. Rather than condoning it at the highest levels of the American government, we must increase federal resources for countering domestic terrorism and white supremacist violence.

Second, we are the only country in the world with more guns than people. It’s clear Washington has been captured by special interests that no longer reflect the American people. We need to do more than offer our words, we need to act to make all Americans safer.

Here are two things you can do right now:

1.) Call your Senators and leave them a voicemail. Tell them your name and where you live, and that you’re calling to demand they push for the common sense gun legislation that the majority of Americans want. Dial 877-615-7198 and we’ll connect you.

2.) Please consider making a donation to Moms Demand Action. Moms Demand Action is a group founded the day after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Since then, they have worked tirelessly in communities across our country, mobilizing grassroots supporters and advocating for gun control laws that will keep families safe.

Thank you,

Pete for America

No other candidates have emailed me about this subject.

3 thoughts on “Days 75 and 76: 8/3/19-8/4/19

    1. It really is. More have reacted today, some more than once. (Tim Ryan is taking this VERY seriously. I’m actually impressed with him for once!).

      There’s one candidate who’s gotten back into campaign mode without even addressing these attacks. You’ll hear about her tomorrow…


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