Day 64: 7/23/19

Monday brought 61 emails from 21 campaigns, with several campaigns touting successes and others warning of impending failures without my help. 20 of those campaigns sent 33 emails to my non-donor account, while the other 28 were sent by just 16 campaigns to my donor accounts.

In addition, I did email all of the campaigns I am tracking (except Wayne Messam, whose email I don’t have) with a link to BTE and a suggestion that they check it out. I did not count those responses in these charts. Many responded with an auto-responder, but Beto O’Rourke did seem to have an actual person respond.

Many campaigns skipped donors this time.

Tim Ryan and Elizabeth Warren tied for most emails at 3 each, though Ryan sent his 3 to non-donors and Warren sent her 3 to donors. Everyone else contented themselves with just 2 emails or fewer.

Several campaigns chose to take Monday to explain why they were going to be asking me for help.

Bernie Sanders not only told me he was going to explain, he actually forwarded me his explanation from Sunday to explain again why he needed me to donate.

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to help us close our July fundraising gap by making a contribution to our campaign. Please give me a chance to explain why this request — in this moment — is so important.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

Michael Bennet took the time to include some substance in his email, more than just “They’re counting us out, but we can still do this!”

Hi, Team. This email is longer than usual. I’m asking you to chip in to Michael’s campaign for president, but I hope you’ll let me explain.

Jess Boad, National Finance Director, Bennet for America

Cory Booker also wanted to make sure that I knew why it was important to donate.

Friend, in a few moments, I am going to ask you to chip in to my campaign for president. Here’s why:

Cory Booker

You may have noticed that both Bennet and Booker had links in their explanation that they’re about to explain. Both of those links go to their ActBlue donations page. They are asking for a donation as they explain that they are going to ask after they explain.

Please, just get straight to the point!

Tulsi Gabbard started off the day with a celebration that she had achieved her first qualifying poll for the September debates with her fundraising right on track. Julian Castro was also celebrating with another qualifying poll, putting him just one poll shy of fully qualifying for the September debates (and bringing up his backstory again). Amy Klobuchar was overjoyed that she had all the polls she needed for the September debates, but she was still shy with donor numbers. Even Tom Steyer was optimistic, having achieved all the polling he needed to qualify for the July debates, if only it had come a week sooner.

Jay Inslee asked me as a donor to help get 3 more donors to get his fundraising back on track. There was a free t-shirt in it for me if I could help! Bernie Sanders also repeated several times that his campaign was struggling. Kamala Harris expressed dismay that there was a large gap in her fundraising compared to her budget, and that this was the worst time for her to fall behind.

To my surprise, Marianne Williamson was the most positive and impressive candidate in my inbox on Monday. She celebrated her showing on The Late Show with Steven Colbert and provided a link to that segment. In addition, she included links to several other speeches she had given, with little excerpts from each. One quote stuck out to me:

“I’m not prosecuting a case against Donald Trump. I’m prosecuting a case against the system that created Donald Trump.”

Marianne Williamson

This is echoing something I have often said: candidates cannot run their campaign on just defeating Trump, scaring Trump, or going after Trump. Defeating Trump happens the moment a Democratic candidate wins the election. Their campaign needs to be about the next four years and how to fix the problems that allowed Trump to take power.

Williamson isn’t the first candidate to point this out, but it’s definitely worth repeating. Off the top of my head, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg have also spoken directly to looking beyond Trump, while many other candidates have been laying out policies and plans for what else they would do in office. On Monday, both Joe Biden and John Delaney laid out some policy ideas. Biden talked about his Criminal Justice Reform plan, while Delaney laid out his plan for lowering prescription drug prices.

Many “Will you volunteer to host a debate party?” asks.

Beto O’Rourke emailed to ask me to split a donation with himself and a Congressional campaign in North Carolina’s ninth district. After a major ballot fraud scandal, the Republican district is potentially able to flip to Democratic, and O’Rourke is supporting Dan McCready in his push to win the seat.

Julian Castro sent an excellent email from his Nevada team talking about a road trip they did across Nevada, talking to many people in many communities, reaching out to the public to learn their needs and find ways that Castro could help them. There was no talk of Castro’s backstory, but a focus on the people, using Castro’s People First motto.

Finally, Kirsten Gillibrand, late at night, emailed me to let me know that the Senate had finally voted to fund the 9/11 first responders for the rest of their lives. The bill passed 97-2, with only Republicans voting against it. Gillibrand did not ask for anything in this email, but she made a very salient point.

As politicians, we are here to serve the public. We work for the men and women who answered the call of duty when our nation asked, whose selfless service put them in harm’s way and forever changed their lives and the lives of their families.

Kirsten Gillibrand
Welcome to the 100-email club, Amy Klobuchar!

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