Day 63: 7/22/19

45 emails arrived on Monday, representing 16 different campaigns. 23 of them came from all 16 campaigns for their non-donors, while the other 22 came from 15 campaigns reaching out to their donors. Tom Steyer sent the only non-donor-only email, probably because I have never donated to him.

For once, a woman was the most talkative.

Kamala Harris sent 3 emails on Monday, beating out Joe Biden, Julian Castro, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, who each only sent 2 emails. It’s just too bad that Harris’ emails weren’t very interesting.

50% donations!

2 of Kamala Harris’ emails were direct asks for money. First, she let me know that she was going to ask me to donate after explaining why she was going to ask me to donate (yawn).

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to add a donation to our presidential campaign before next week’s debate. Please give me a quick moment to explain why this request is so important, especially today.

Kamala Harris

When that didn’t work, she told me she was going to get straight to the point in her next email.

We’re going to get straight to the point — we need your help.

Each month, we set fundraising goals that we must hit in order to provide enough resources to win this race. When we fall short on those goals, we lose ground to our opponents — making it harder to win this election.

Team Kamala

Honestly, I’m disappointed. Harris, like so many other campaigns (Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden just from Monday’s emails) are plopping down in my inbox to go “HEY. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BUDGET CORRECTLY. COVER MY BUTT BY GIVING ME MONEY.”

If your campaign is constantly under budget and needing me to bail you out, what does that say about your management ability? If you can’t keep a campaign running without going in the red, how are you going to convince me that no, really, you’ll be able to fix the country’s money problems?

This message is especially concerning when it comes from the successful campaigns, like Harris, Sanders, and Biden. Harris completely smashed her Q2 fundraising goal. $1 million turned into $12 million. Where did all that money go? Sanders is sitting on the most cash on hand going into Q3: $27 million. Where has his money disappeared to?

Last quarter, despite having FAR MORE donations than anyone else in the race, a few of our opponents out-raised us.

Two of them did it mostly on the backs of begging rich folks for money at lavish high-dollar fundraisers.

And if you look at the news, they show no signs of stopping that approach.

But that makes the fact we are pacing a bit behind on our July fundraising goals as we approach the second debate a bit more precarious.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

Biden raised the most amount of money per day he was actively in the race in Q2, and the second-most amount of money overall in Q2. How is that already gone?

We know a year seems like far out, but these summer months are CRITICAL to our fundraising plan. And if we’re being honest — the past few days have been some of the slowest fundraising days of the campaign.

Will you help us pick the pace back up? Can you chip in with your first $5 today?

Team Joe

Only one candidate reached out to me on Monday with the great news that they were on track with their fundraising goals: Tulsi Gabbard.

We’re on track to reach 130k donors — we’ve been bringing 5k new donors on a week. And now, with these poll results, we’re on our way to meeting both debate requirements. But we won’t get there without you.

Help us keep up the pace and make it all the way to the September debates — and then on to the White House in 2020.

Caitlin Pomerantz, TULSI2020

Michael Bennet, Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, and Marianne Williamson all offered me chances to win a trip to the debates on them. Jay Inslee gave me a special link and said that if I could get 3 people to donate through it, he’d send me a t-shirt. Steve Bullock finally launched a campaign store.

Tim Ryan decided that copying the styles of other candidates was apparently going to be his theme of the week. After claiming he’d been fighting hard for a Climate Debate (like Jay Inslee) yesterday, today his wife proudly proclaimed that Ryan was not the billionaire candidate. Does this rhetoric sound familiar?

Unlike some of the others in this race, Tim’s campaign is powered entirely by grassroots contributions from people like you… This is a campaign by, of, and for the working class — not billionaires. That’s why your support is vital to keep this campaign moving!

Andrea Ryan

When I saw this email, I had to do a double-take. No, it wasn’t from Bernie Sanders. It was from Tim Ryan. And just to make sure that I saw it, the Ryan campaign forwarded it to me again. Just in case.

Ryan wasn’t the only one channeling another candidate. John Hickenlooper attempted a pep talk like Beto O’Rourke did over the weekend. Or, at least, his new campaign director attempted a pep talk.

As beloved Colorado journalist Lynn Bartels says: Don’t count Hick out just yet.

John is the only candidate who has run a small business, a city, and a state. And while doing it, he’s gotten big, bold, progressive things done that others in this race have only talked about.

As I said: You can never predict what’s going to happen in politics. What we know is that, with your help, John is putting in the hard work to introduce himself to voters and share his vision in every community he travels to. That’s the work that will truly pay off in this primary.

M.E. Smith, Campaign Director, Hickenlooper 2020

Smith is optimistic, but I have to be realistic. If there is any candidate not introducing themselves to voters and sharing their vision in every community they travel to, they don’t deserve to be in the race at all. It’s going to take a lot more than doing the basics of campaigning to win in this crowded field. I can only hope Hickenlooper figures out how (or gracefully bows out) soon.

Meanwhile, Tom Steyer has asked me to sign a petition.

This week, Congress is finally bringing Special Counsel Robert Mueller in to testify — three months after the release of his report. Then Congress is leaving for the August recess.

Today, I’m calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel the House’s August recess and keep Congress in session to conduct daily public oversight hearings on Trump’s crimes, corruption, and racist policies and rhetoric — and urging the other Democratic presidential candidates to do the same. If you’re with me, add your name.

Tom Steyer

I want to believe that there is a plan, that Pelosi is playing 4D chess and seeing more of the scope of the field than we are. I want Trump impeached, yes, absolutely, but I also want him absolutely crushed at the ballot. I want a glaring referendum from the entire country that we do not support Trump’s behavior and we do not consent to let him represent us. I don’t want a wishy-washy general election. I want overwhelming defeat for the current Republican party.

I could use a few fewer emails in the process.

Total emails is ACTUALLY 2199. There is a bug in Google Sheets. If I change the number, I lose the colors. This is true for all the charts in this blog…

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