Day 57: 7/16/19

Only 17 campaigns sent a total of 53 emails yesterday, but there was one major milestone for one of those campaigns. For the very first time, all 17 campaigns sent the 28 non-donor emails… including Tulsi Gabbard.

That’s right, not only did Gabbard join the 15 campaigns sending 25 donor emails, but she also deigned to contact me as a non-donor for the first time in 57 days. In addition, one of the Google Ads in my Promotions inbox was for Gabbard’s campaign.

Not everyone was one-for-one

Cory Booker and Tim Ryan were the most prolific candidates yesterday at 3 emails each, followed by Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Steve Bullock, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren with 2 emails each.

Combined donors/non-donors

It was Tim Ryan’s 46th birthday, so all of his emails (sent by wife and staffers) were focused on that. I was asked to be one of 460 supporters to sign his birthday card in honor of his 46th, and then, once that goal was achieved, they set a goal of raising $4,600 in fundraising donations for his 46th. It was suggested that I donate $4.6 or $46 (or $3). I was also still able to sign his card after 460 supporters signed it.

Cory Booker asked if I’d be interested in hosting a debate watch party, thanked me for my support of his campaign, and his mother sent an email highlighting his plan for long-term health care help, relating it to how they had cared for his father in the end stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Trump’s racist attacks only warranted 1 message already.

Bernie Sanders was also talking about healthcare, though by attacking a “vulture” investment banker who is selling off a hospital in a low-income community to use the real estate for condos.

A vulture investment banker has decided to close a hospital and turn the land into condos so he can become even richer. That is unacceptable.

Add your name to mine to say the billionaire class should no longer profit off of health care.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders also both celebrated his fundraising and said it wasn’t enough:

Never in the history of politics has a campaign raised so much money from so many individual contributions with such a low average donation ($19) as we have.

I am very proud of that fact.

But the truth is, we were out-raised this time. Not by much. But enough that we are going to need people like you who have already donated to contribute just a little bit more.

Bernie Sanders

However, Sanders is actually sitting at the top of the fundraising pack. So far this year, he has raised a total of $46,491,503.24 (according to The next closest Democratic fundraiser is Elizabeth Warren, with $35,654,983.51 raised this year. Pete Buttigieg comes in third for total yearly fundraising, with $32,337,553.74.

Truthfully, both Sanders and Warren can thank previous campaigns for their large numbers. Sanders transferred $10,101,500.00 from other authorized committees (previous national campaigns or joint fundraising efforts), while Warren transferred slightly more, at $10,415,000.00. (Buttigieg transferred $0.00). Even with these transfers, we’re looking at $36 million raised this year by Sanders and $25 million by Warren.

Not that you’d know that from their emails.

Supporters like you have been chipping in today to help hit our monthly goal, and Elizabeth is so grateful for everyone who’s in this fight. But we’re still behind where we should be, so we’re reaching out again.

Team Warren

Sanders and Warren are both running their campaigns as fighters for the little guy, the victim, the underdog. Their messages are all about being held back and shut out, the Outsiders trying to shake things up by Doing What’s Right. Having the most money and being secure in their fundraising doesn’t match that messaging, so they cherry-pick data to find what does match.

Not that Sanders and Warren are the only politicians who do this. I would honestly be surprised if any of them don’t have some aspect of cherry-picking to make themselves look better. It’s just something that we, as voters, need to keep ourselves educated about so we can see when data is really being strained to its limits. Was Sanders outraised in Q2? Technically, yes. But with his transfers, he has the biggest income of the Presidential candidates for Q2. Is Warren behind on her fundraising goals at this point in July? Probably. Joe Biden keeps telling me July is such a hard month to fundraise in. But behind on huge goals is a lot different than behind on small goals, like Tim Ryan’s $4,600 goal. Without actual numbers, it’s hard to tell just how strained her finances are.

Beto O’Rourke, unlike Sanders and Warren, is celebrating his fundraising efforts. He brought in enough money to be counted in the top third of candidates, and with so many in the race, that actually means something! He reminded me that this is a long distance run, and his campaign still has air in its lungs.

When I get time on the campaign trail, I like to go for a run. On Saturday morning, it was a beautiful couple of miles in Merrimack, New Hampshire. It’s always a good way to clear your head and work off any junk food you’ve been eating while on the road.

This campaign is in many ways a lot like a long-distance run. It’s one we’re all on together. And what’s important is whether or not we can build the stamina to make it not just through the next mile, but through the finish line.

Beto O’Rourke

Tulsi Gabbard is also celebrating. The first email she sent to me as a non-donor was to celebrate her 100,000th donor.

We did it, Friend!

Late Sunday night, we received a contribution from our 100,000th individual donor! 

Caitlin, TULSI NOW

Even Andrew Yang is finding reasons to be excited:

We’ve been excited about growth in the polls lately. The first poll that qualified Andrew for the fall debates was just last week. 2% is the threshold for that debate, and Andrew was able to clear that hurdle.

Now, he’s jumped even higher.

A poll released by St. Anselm College – described by a local activist as “gold” in the state – has Andrew at 5%. It’s one of the biggest gains they saw.


Steve Bullock isn’t quite so pulled together, unfortunately. I received a decently long email from him… or so I thought.

I’m so grateful for you.

Even when the DNC blocked me from the first debate, you didn’t back down… I’m not taking anything for granted, and I don’t want to have any regrets… I never thought running for President would be easy. But it’s worth it… But I can’t do it alone. I need your help to keep fighting and share my plans on the debate stage.

So before you go to sleep, can you chip in $$1 to my campaign for President? I’m so grateful for you.

Even when the DNC blocked me from the first debate, you didn’t back down… I’m not taking anything for granted, and I don’t want to have any regrets… I never thought running for President would be easy. But it’s worth it…

Team Bullock

His email was peppered with I’s and Me’s and then he signed it “Team.” The mismatch between point of view and signature is one I’m much more accustomed to seeing in Bill de Blasio’s emails. I’m also more accustomed to seeing errors in using the $ symbol in de Blasio’s emails. Maybe Bullock’s staffer was just tired yesterday.

Joe Biden was starting to heap on the guilt yesterday. First, he sent an email with the subject “You don’t want to come to the next debate??” from his digital fundraising director, who is so madly in love with Detroit that she screamed when she heard it would be the location of the next debate. She tried to get me to donate to potentially win a trip to Detroit because Detroit was so amazing.

You only have 9 days left to enter, so don’t miss out! Chip in below to win a chance to visit my personal favorite city (and of course, a chance to see Joe Biden live on stage):

Elana Firsht, Digital Fundraising Director, Biden for President

It’s not just about the debate, though. Biden’s electability depended on my donation.

The Democratic Convention ends exactly ONE YEAR FROM TODAY.

We need to do everything in our power to make sure Joe Biden is our nominee. He has the experience to take on Donald Trump, and win.

It seems like it might be a while out, but it will only happen if we keep up the pace through this summer.

Team Joe

Finally, Amy Klobuchar sent me a LAST CHANCE! email about obtaining a membership card. Apparently, because I didn’t donate to Klobuchar in the last two days, I will never have a chance to be a card-carrying member of Team Amy (because that was the last chance, and that’s how last chances work, right?)

I get the reasoning why, make it limited edition makes it desirable, but man, does that feel exclusionary or what? I donated to Klobuchar already. I’m not a card-carrying member of Team Amy? If I donate tomorrow, I’m not a card-carrying member? A much more inclusive way would be to put numbers on the cards and say you could brag about how early you donated. Maybe send out new cards at donation goals: donate $1, get a green card! When your donations hit $250, get a bronze card! $1000, silver! $2800, gold! Maybe gold card holders get a special thank you phone call from Klobuchar herself!

In today’s divided politics, I’m drawn to candidates and ideas that bring people together. Exclusionary rhetoric and ideas, no matter how minor, just make me frown. We have enough of that in the White House as it is.

Congratulations, Gabbard. You’re on the non-donor board.

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