Day 51: 7/10/19

18 campaigns sent me a total of 48 emails yesterday, mostly after my money or my signature. 24 of them came from 17 campaigns in my non-donor inbox, while the other half hit my donor inbox from only 16 campaigns.

Oh, and I had a new PAC nab my email and start sending me unsolicited begs.

Absolutely nothing from the man who used to beg…

Tim Ryan is working on securing his #1 emailer spot by sending 3 emails on Wednesday, standing above the crowd. Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all restrained themselves to just 2 emails each. To my surprise, Julian Castro sent absolutely nothing. I suppose since he doesn’t have any massive goal he needs to achieve, since he reached 130,000 donors, his campaign is taking a couple days off.

Let’s begin with the email that made me physically react: Mike Gravel. There are only 5 days left to hit the 65,000 donors needed to qualify for the July debates (though due to tiebreaker rules, polls without the donors are weighted above donors without the polls, so it’s really only 5 days for Gravel to get 1% in 3 approved polls). Gravel’s campaign has been doing everything they can to encourage people to donate $1, just $1, to their cause. They even had a shout-out from Marianne Williamson the other day.

Today, they dropped this graphic in my inbox:

The scale is off.

All of the rock/gravel/avalanche puns dropping out of the race when Gravel drops out will make me sad. It’s awesome when your candidate has a great name that can be played with like this. Gravel is definitely trying his best to inspire with this picture of him looming over the shoulder of a nearly-completely-blue mountain. Could I share it with my friends to get donations?

Well, I’m sharing the picture with you, but without the donation link. You can hunt Gravel down and donate yourself if you’re interested.

Tim Ryan has finally stopped asking me to donate money to power his ability to talk about his Education Reform plan. Now he’s asking me for money to talk about his plans to set the economy forward and make it work for everyone. He really only seems to be capable of focusing on one issue at a time.

One issue and his campaign store, which he remembered he had again. He suggested I check back frequently, because they’re adding new merch all the time, like this t-shirt! Youngstown for Ryan!

There is more effort put into this shirt than there was for Pride merch.

Why does this warrant a mention and a graphic in this blog? WELL.

For starters, this was the only new piece of merch added since I last checked his store in June.

This shirt was designed by the Youngstown Clothing Company, a company founded in 2015 to provide high-quality, vintage-inspired apparel for people to show their Youngstown pride.

Ryan’s merch store is run by Custom Stickers + Tees. It’s one of very few campaign stores that actually announces who the manufacturer is. is not Youngstown Clothing Company, nor is it affiliated with Youngstown Clothing Company, nor does Youngstown Clothing Company sell this design.

You’re probably wondering why the heck Youngstown even matters. Well, Ryan went to Youngstown State University and represents Youngstown, among other places in Ohio, in the U.S. House of Representatives. Did you know that? I didn’t. I knew Ryan was a Rep from Ohio, but that was it.

Tim is proud to be from Ohio (as you probably know by now!)

Tim Ryan for America

Ryan has only mentioned his Ohio pride once in his emails, though he repeated that email two more times, so… three times? Out of his 100+ emails? He hasn’t mentioned Youngstown before, ever. Youngstown has a population of approximately 65,000.

I suspect a majority of Ryan’s mailing list is from Youngstown or nearby. I’m not sure why else he’s marketing specifically to one city. Even Pete Buttigieg, whose hometown pride is reflected in every color of his branding, doesn’t have any South-Bend-specific merch in his store.

Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden have joined Kamala Harris in offering trips to the Detroit debates in July. Elizabeth Warren is expressing worry over the newest member of the race and how much of his personal money he is bringing to the table. Tom Steyer is talking about what he’s done as an activist prior to his presidential run that would make him a good candidate, while Bernie Sanders is talking about how billionaires are calling him the antichrist.

Sanders also invited me to sign a petition to encourage Congress to support his joint act with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to declare a national emergency on climate change. Meanwhile, Tulsi Gabbard said I should sign her and Sanders’ Opioid Crisis Accountability act as a citizen co-sponsor. It sounds like Sanders is still doing his job in Congress, which I have to say I appreciate.

Amy Klobuchar would like me to know that this quarter is her most crucial yet, and while she hit her fundraising goal last quarter, she still needs my help to get this quarter right. Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand have both customized their mailing lists enough so that their pleas for me to join them in having 130,000 donors do not go to my donor inbox, which was a major eyeroller I was having with Castro, and which I’m still having with Tim Ryan and Steve Bullock, both of whom would love it if I donated to become one of their necessary numbers even though I already have.

Cory Booker has offered to split a donation between himself and Amy McGrath, Mitch McConnell’s Democratic challenger in Kentucky, while Andrew Yang offered me some quotes from his supporters on why they are reoccurring donors for him and encouraged me to become a reoccurring supporter too. John Delaney made another argument for equal pay for the women’s soccer team (and women everywhere), while Joe Biden would like to know what I want him to talk about in the debates.

Now, before I leave you, I did mention that I had another PAC start emailing me. This one is Democrats Rise, which supports progressive Democratic candidates for office. Democrats Rise is not nearly as entertaining as End Citizens United.

Only one emphasis color? No all-caps? Where’s the DRAMA!?

However, this email did come in through one of my alias emails, which means I know exactly who gave my name away. John Delaney, you shared your donor list with Democrats Rise. Shame on you. (Though, to be fair, he did say in his Privacy Policy as discussed on 6/14, that he would share information with groups he felt had similar beliefs.)

Castro is beating Ryan in donor emails.

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