Farewell Eric Swalwell

At 4:16 PM EST on Monday, July 8, 2019, Eric Swalwell, U.S. Representative of California’s 15th district, announced he was officially leaving the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary.

Eric was a controversial candidate for me. He ignored me for many weeks, leading me to believe that I had mistyped my email address. I tried signing up for his emails once again, but I received no attention from this California representative. It was only after I threw him $1 the other week that he started including me in his communications.

I certainly hope he’s not wondering why he failed to gain much support.

He took Fridays and Sundays off.

Eric sent me a total of 6 emails in 49 days, averaging 0.12 emails per day. All of his emails addressed me by name, and all of his emails ended up in my Primary inbox due to all of his emails being sent to my donor account. Eric had an overall neutral tone to his messaging, neither apocalyptic nor overly hopeful.

Nice and even

Eric split his emails fairly evenly between during the workday and during the evening hours.

He was good at being right down the middle.

Half of Eric’s emails were signed by Eric himself, including his final email where he announced the end of his campaign.

If he’d sent more emails, these charts would be more interesting.

Eric focused mainly on his policies, most notably his push for heavy gun reform. In his final email, he claimed triumph by getting 3 of the front-runner candidates to agree with him that guns were a problem in America and he made some good points on the need for reform. With this win, Eric declared his campaign to push gun reform into the key issues of the primary a success, and he bowed out gracefully.

Few emails do mean this chart is very pretty, though.

Eric’s most notable moment was when he raised the issue of the inhuman conditions at the border and invited me to find some charitable organizations to donate to. He did name a few, though he did not include a link, and he invited me to reach out to his campaign to get more information on local groups.

Overall, Eric was a young candidate with a single issue that he cared about, a single issue he pushed to the forefront of his debate, and a single good line that we remember.

Thank you for your run, Eric Swalwell. It’s time to pass the torch.

Artwork by Some guy on one of my discords*
*No, really, that’s how they wanted to be credited. Thanks, Elysium!

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