Day 49: 7/8/19

Monday brought 37 emails from 15 campaigns including 17 emails from 13 non-donor lists and 20 from all 15 donor lists. As mentioned in an earlier post today, there was a huge shakeup in the primary lineup: one of the candidates dropped out. We are now down to 24 campaigns still running.

It was a surprisingly slow email day.

Steve Bullock, Tim Ryan, Elizabeth Warren, and, unsurprisingly, Julian Castro were the most active campaigns on Monday, each sending 2 emails to both their donor and non-donor lists. Castro reached his 130,000 donor goal and backed off his volume. Warren also hit 130,000 donors and announced her Q2 numbers: $19 million, all from grassroots donors. She immediately turned around and asked me to give for the first time, or, on my donor account, asked me to become a monthly donor. Ryan, meanwhile, wanted money to fund his education reform plan, while Bullock was pushing for me to become one of the 65,000 donors he needs to guarantee his spot on the July debate stage. Even on my donor account. (Plus Rachel Maddow predicted he’d make it to the stage, so that was pretty cool, right?)

Marianne Williamson’s daughter, India, emailed me to tell me about how tough her mama was and how awesome her mama was and hey, happy birthday to her mama. Unlike some of the other candidates, I was not asked to sign a birthday card for her. I’m not even entirely sure if her birthday was yesterday or if it was a lead-up to her birthday email. Regardless, happy birthday, Williamson.

Eric Swalwell made some waves by dropping out, both via a press conference and via an email. Today is the last day he’ll be appearing in the campaign email chart at the top of these posts, but his 6 total emails will remain in the overall email chart at the bottom of these posts.

Red means they asked for LESS from donors.

While most candidates asked for the same amount regardless of whether or not I had already donated, there were some outliers. Amy Klobuchar kept up her asking for a bit more from donors, while Beto O’Rourke went the Sanders route and asked me for another $1 donation on the account that had only donated $1, and a $3 donation on the account that had not donated at all. (O’Rourke has not released Q2 numbers yet).

Steve Bullock slipped in an extra $1 ask to my donor account to help him get his message out and recruit more new donors, while my non-donor account was simply asked to give for the first time. Because this was smaller than the average ask, it pulled down the average for his donor email and made him technically be asking for more from my non-donor account.

Elizabeth Warren seems to have a huge difference, but really, that’s because she asked my non-donor account to actually donate, and she asked my donor account to change my donation to a monthly donation. This did mark the biggest difference among all of the candidates on Monday.

They’re back on the debate train.

Kamala Harris decided to try hosting a contest, inviting me to come see her at the Detroit debates at the end of July. She’ll pay for airfare and hotel. This sounds familiar…

Jay Inslee would very much like a climate debate, and he sent a petition to all of his fellow candidates asking them to demand one from the DNC. He didn’t say if any of them have actually signed it.

Kirsten Gillibrand congratulated the U.S. women’s national soccer team for their World Cup title and made a case for equal pay for equal work.

Cory Booker sent a rare repeat email, though his was perhaps the only use of repeating an email that made sense. On Sunday, he announced the 5 candidates who had already qualified for the fall debates based on donors (Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Andrew Yang, with a possible sixth in Beto O’Rourke). On Monday, he followed up with the information that Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro had qualified, so really, please chip in to help him get to that stage too. In this event, he was adding to information that he had provided earlier, so it made sense to include the previous email for context.

I will also like to own an error: yesterday I predicted we’d have another 100-email campaign by today.

I was wrong.

If only Castro had taken a little longer to get his 130,000th donor…

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