Day 46: 7/5/19

The holiday ended and it was business as usual with the Democratic campaigns. 14 campaigns sent 38 emails on Friday, with 20 of those emails coming from the 14 campaigns non-donor lists and 13 emailing their donor lists with the other 18 emails.

Every single email sent by Julian Castro was a repeat.

Julian Castro has decided that the best way to get emails out is just to repeat old emails. He sent me 3 emails I had seen before. It’s bad enough that he keeps regurgitating the same story in every email. It’s almost an insult when he doesn’t even bother trying to make it a fresh regurgitation. In all honesty, I like Castro as a candidate, but based on his utter failure to engage me via email, I cannot see myself voting for him. His own campaign has managed to turn off a potential voter. That probably takes skill, but not the sort of skill Castro needed on his staff.

Kamala Harris, at least, took a break from her money asks to slip in 2 emails asking me to help her out, first by hosting a watch party and then by filling out her July Priorities survey. It’s good that she took a break from asking for money, as she announced a Q2 haul of $12 million. That’s only about half of what Pete Buttigieg brought in, but it’s still a very respectable amount marking her as one of the front runners. Still less than Bernie Sanders’ $18 million or Joe Biden’s $21.5 million, but nothing to sneeze at.

And speaking of Joe Biden, he did ask me for money with his 2 emails. I could donate $1 to get a sticker, or I could donate to help him keep Trump from having any more July Fourths as President. I didn’t have the heart to tell Biden that that wasn’t how elections work. Unless Congress does something, July 4, 2020, will also be a Trump holiday.

Bernie Sanders also offered me a sticker for at least a dollar, though he did tell me that most people donate $8 for it. He also told me most people donated $8 for it the first time he told me that the sticker existed, so I’m a bit skeptical of his math.

Cory Booker has some new merch for the summer, and if I donate $8, I can get a Team Cory drink koozie! I mean, I guess? Gotta give that graphic department props again. Dancing koozies are definitely worth $8.

It’s kind of… boring as a koozie.

Jay Inslee and Kirsten Gillibrand both sent photos, but while Gillibrand stuck to one photo and a link to her instagram to see more of what she’s been up to on the trail, Inslee’s wife sent me a photo history of their life together. I have to admit, Gillibrand petting a dog was much more interesting to me than old date photos of Inslee and his wife.

There are whispers one candidate is preparing to drop out. I’m so excited!

2 thoughts on “Day 46: 7/5/19

  1. Hey thanks for doing this, I’ve been reading every day!
    Quick question, is it just me, or had Biden’s email count been glitchy in the last graph. It seems to drastically change each day?
    I may be misreading it.
    I’m interested to see who may drop out. The race has hardly begun so that would be kind of sad.


    1. Thanks for reading! I enjoy writing it. I’m not so fond of going through dozens of emails (especially ones I’ve read before, CASTRO!), but it’s interesting enough to be worth it.

      Biden’s numbers in the last chart make sense to me, going up by 2 every day. There were a couple people who had a typo in their count formula, so their emails weren’t registering (de Blasio and Bullock’s donor emails, among others), so they would have jumped drastically once I got that fixed, but I’m not seeing that problem with Biden.

      I don’t think you’ll be all that sad about the first casualty of the season. It’s surprisingly not the one I thought would be first to drop, but it’s not far up the list.


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