Day 45: 7/4/19

Happy 4th of July, Americans!

Okay, that’s it, that was my entire inbox yesterday. You can all go home now.

If you really want the numbers (and let’s be honest, why are you here if not for numbers?), 12 campaigns sent 25 emails yesterday. 11 of those campaigns sent 12 of those emails to non-donor lists, and all 12 sent 13 emails to their donor lists.

Eric Swalwell, as always, does not believe in sending emails to people who don’t support him financially.

Holidays = Restraint!

Overall, the campaigns that reached out to me all reached out just to wish me a happy 4th and leave my inbox alone. However, Joe Biden wasn’t satisfied with just one “happy 4th” email. He also insisted on reminding me about his email from the 3rd asking me to sign a petition to reject Trump’s parade.

While most campaigns wanted to wish me a happy and safe 4th of July, there were a few notable outliers. Elizabeth Warren wanted me to use this opportunity to campaign for her, as I would likely be seeing friends and family I don’t normally see. She included some talking points about her many plans and a photo of her dog Bailey so I could have some idea of what I could say.

Marianne Williamson was livestreaming a speech for the holiday that she invited me to watch.

Tim Ryan wanted me to share his well-wishes on social media.

Joe Biden asked me to sign his anti-Trump-parade petition.

Eric Swalwell invited me to sign his petition demanding a full investigation into the humanitarian crisis on the border (and also gave me some names of organizations I could donate to if I felt like it).

Cory Booker took it a step further and talked about how he went to Juarez, Mexico, to escort five women across the border because they had a better chance of having their plea for asylum heard if a sitting Senator accompanied them. On the trip, they told him about the hardships they had endured while being held in the detention camps.

One of them described the month she spent in detention. While there, she said the entire detention center had to stand in the sun all day without food, just water — but sometimes they ran out of water too.

Another — I can’t share her name out of concern for her safety — had to leave her home under threat of rape. She was so hungry while in detention that she said they ate the peel of an orange.

A third woman has bruises all over her back from sleeping on the hard floor of the detention center. She wasn’t able to shower for over 20 days and has rashes on her skin from the lack of sanitation. While in the detention center, she became sick. Despite the fact that the doctor wanted her to go to the hospital, the border patrol refused. She was put in isolation and thought she would die.

Cory Booker

Out of all of the emails talking about patriotism and what America really means today, Booker’s stuck with me. Not only did it make enough of an impact that I talked about it at my own 4th of July dinner with my family (and not about Bailey, sorry Warren), but I also followed through on what Booker asked of me.

It goes without saying that it’s wrong, immoral, and in direct conflict with our ideals. When I’m president, I won’t wait to fix our immigration policies — on Day One, I’ll take executive action to end the Trump Administration’s border policies, including closing the camps holding thousands of human beings in inhumane conditions.

But those actions in January 2021 won’t do much to help the thousands of people who need relief right now. People, including children, are dying in these inhumane conditions — and we can’t wait to act. In thanks to Families Belong Together and Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center for the chance to witness the crisis at our border firsthand, I’d like to give back. So join me — support some of the amazing organizations doing the work to help immigrants right now. Make a donation to be split among Families Belong Together, Immigration Equality, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, UndocuBlack Network, and Women’s Refugee Commission. 100% of your donation will go directly toward these groups and the vital work they do.

I know today President Trump is planning a big celebration wasting and misusing taxpayer dollars and military resources on what has become a political rally in Washington, D.C.

True patriotism has nothing to do with what he’s planning today. It’s not a taxpayer-funded Trump rally that will define America this July 4th. It must be our actions. And the most patriotic act I can think of right now is to speak out, forcefully, for the people suffering at our border. For the families who’ve been ripped apart or who fear they will be by this administration. For the people fleeing persecution or violence in search of a better life for themselves and their families. What’s more American than that?

Cory Booker

I’ve donated to Booker privately as well as through my BTE account, so I fished this message out of my private spam folder and sent off a donation through his link to the five organizations he listed as trying to help.

And then, in a moment of completely horrible timing, Amy Klobuchar came through with her own ask:

As I’m celebrating today, I’ve been thinking about patriotism. I’ve been thinking about taking risks for something bigger than yourself. And I’ve been thinking that the work this team has done is yet another example of what we can do when we work together.

Amy Klobuchar

Yes. Klobuchar followed up Booker’s plea for demonstrating patriotism by helping those hurting at the border by suggesting I demonstrate patriotism by donating to her campaign.

Timing, they say, is everything.

I had to fix a couple typos, but these values are correct now.

2 thoughts on “Day 45: 7/4/19

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Cory’s email. I clicked and contributed to the charitable organizations listed.


    1. I want to give the candidates points for acknowledging there’s more to give money to than themselves. To be fair, Beto has also offered one of those organizations too donate to, but somehow, Cory did a much better job of stressing the seriousness of the situation.

      Liked by 1 person

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