Day 44: 7/3/19

A few more campaigns were rousing themselves from their hectic weekend to slide into my inbox on Wednesday. 17 campaigns sent a total of 46 emails. Of those, 21 emails were sent by 15 campaigns to my non-donor account, while the other 25 came from all 17 to my donor account.

2 campaigns still have not bothered to give my non-donor account the time of day.

Most emails are arriving in both inboxes.

Julian Castro has claimed the most emails again, sending 4 in one day. Tim Ryan never thought his 3 emails a day would be struggling to play catch up! Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Andrew Yang each sent only 2 emails, while everyone else who reached out limited themselves to just 1.

And what was Castro talking about that took up 4 emails?

Rachel Maddow. Again.

He started with a click-bait subject: “Rachel Maddow just revealed:” and then revealed that she revealed absolutely nothing. He told her he wasn’t at 130,000 donors yet. The surprise. The horror. But he’s humbly asking for my help.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you how many times Castro has been humbly asking. If I search for “humbly asking” in my political inbox, I get 33 results. 19 of them are from Castro. If I remove the duplicates from donor/non-donor, I get 13 times Castro has been humbly asking. Castro can go humbly ask his humble ass into a new email manager. At least Ryan manages a little bit of variation in his emails.

Not that Tim Ryan’s emails have been that much better lately. He’s stopped asking me to pay for his travel fund and is instead asking me to pay to support him talking about his education plan. Because Ryan was the only candidate on the debate stage talking about education, did I know?

Ryan wasn’t the only one touting his plan. So many candidates are starting to mention their policies and plans, trying to differentiate themselves from each other. In addition to Tim Ryan’s education plan, Elizabeth Warren highlighted her climate change policies, Eric Swalwell reminded me that he has the most comprehensive gun reform plan, Beto O’Rourke took another stand on the humanitarian crisis on the border, and Pete Buttigieg launched his national service plan.

I think Bernie Sanders was trying to get in on the plans thing too, by mentioning his Economic Bill of Rights, but mostly he wanted me to donate for a brand new sticker he was mentioning via email for the first time that most people donated at least $8 to get by I could donate whatever I wanted for it. It’s designed to look like some FDR stuff. Isn’t that cool?

I’d rather have a candidate like FDR than a candidate with stickers like FDR, but hey, what do I know, Sanders?

With so much focus on policies, most campaigns were also focusing on just getting their information out. If they weren’t asking me to share their information, or forward it, or sign up to volunteer with them, they were asking me for my priorities. Kirsten Gillibrand had the most failure to be enthusiastic in the start of an email:

Friend, wow—did you see the email from my team yesterday?

Kirsten Gillibrand

That email yesterday was being asked to do a survey. This email was telling me that that email was so successful they decided to expand the scope of the survey. Wow. Exciting.

All wasn’t completely lost, though. Beto O’Rourke stepped up again with another plea for help for the migrants on the border. This is a true humanitarian crisis, and it’s happening in America.

Please share the video with your networks too – so that more people can learn what’s happening and how to support local, on-the-ground legal services to children and families. Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services of El Paso is the organization we’re supporting. You can chip in here (100% of your contribution will go directly to their work).

Team Beto
Someday, we’ll start losing candidates.

2 thoughts on “Day 44: 7/3/19

  1. Some of these campaigns really need to fire their e-mail managers. Anyone with an inkling of how e-mail marketing works would not send a quarter of the awful stuff they’re sending.


    1. Absolutely, 100%!

      Unfortunately, this sort of email is the norm for political mailing lists, and nobody wants to take a chance on something different.

      However, Castro is so bad at his emails that the more he emails, the less I like him. Sanders and Warren both turn me off with their “holier than thou” attitudes. Harris completely bores me with her emails, and Biden just wants to jerk off to thoughts of scaring Trump. Swalwell and Gabbard made it clear that if they don’t have my money, I don’t get any of their attention.

      They get away with it because political emails are so bad that people are expected to just delete without reading, but it really speaks volumes if your own messaging is what is turning off your supporters.


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