Day 39: 6/28/19

Friday was the first day of donor emails, and like every well-made plan, my attempt to get on all the donor email lists at exactly the same time… bombed.

Who would have thought that making 21 $1 donations in the space of a minute would be flagged as suspicious by a credit card company!?

Or having 21 alias emails made at once be flagged as malicious by an email alias system?

After many technical difficulties, I finally managed to get the donations through, but I worry I may have missed out on some welcome emails. I debated doing the whole mess all over again, but decided against it. This first day of donor data might be a little incorrect, but in the long run, it’ll be negligible.

That being said, Friday was a very busy day, with 54 total emails from 19 campaigns. Of those, 48 emails hit my non-donor box from 18 campaigns, and 6 emails from 6 campaigns hit my donor box.

New chart! Donor emails are the bottom line for each candidate.

At 6 emails in one day, Kamala Harris won the inbox debate. Capitalizing on her debate performance, she slammed hard on her mailing list to great success. According to one email, she pulled in $2 million in the 24 hours after stepping foot on the debate stage.

Her fundraising goal for the entire quarter was only $1 million.

Kamala Harris managing to double her goal in one day did not stop her from asking for more money. With all 6 emails, she included an ask for extra donations with a button spread that averaged out to $86 each. Just because she smashed her goal didn’t mean that she had caught up to Trump and his $100 million or even the other Democrats.

Harris wasn’t the only one asking for money. There was nobody who wasn’t!

Average ask: $30.63 (Total overall average ask is only $20.22)

Even the notoriously money-shy Pete Buttigieg was fundraising in force, with emails asking for $3 donations. And Cory Booker may look like he didn’t ask, but really, he just didn’t ask for anything specific. He wanted money as much as the next guy.

End of the month and end of the quarter are combining for a complete deluge of fundraising emails. Mercifully, the donor emails have largely been automatic “welcome to the team!” emails. So far. And yet, even with those automatic welcomes, I was scratching my head.

John Delaney asked me, in his welcome email, to sign my name to get on his list. I thought I had done that with a donation, and the simple fact that he had, you know, emailed me. On his list.

Bill de Blasio asked me for another donation. Even though I got his email because I gave him a donation. Couldn’t wait even a moment, huh?

Tulsi Gabbard surprised me by actually sending me an email! She provided me with a link to a survey that she asked me to share with my friends to ask how they thought she did in the debates. Of course, her survey was worded in such a way that any answers would be biased:

Friend —

Will you answer a few questions about what you thought of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential debate performance on Wednesday night?

The survey’s right here.

Tulsi is a 4-term Congresswoman and the first female combat veteran to ever run for the presidency. She has served on the House Foreign Affairs, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees and deployed to the Middle East twice.

At the first Democratic debate, she emphasized key national security issues — like averting war with Iran, ending regime change wars and preventing nuclear war — and how, as President, she’ll use the trillions of taxpayer dollars being used on these wars and weapons to meet the needs of the American people.

What did you think? Please share your thoughts on how she did. Tulsi’s team and I want to know!


Caitlin Pomerantz, Deputy Campaign Manager, TULSI2020

But hey, skewed results are still results, right?

Amazingly optimistic today!

Everyone was trying to score a win from the debates too, regardless of whether or not it was deserved. As mentioned earlier, Kamala Harris was pounding hard on her success as one of the declared winners and hoping she made us proud.

John Hickenlooper reiterated that while everyone else was talking big ideas, he actually delivered on them.

Bernie Sanders cheered about how everyone was talking about the ideas that were originally his ideas, so his ideas were clearly winning, and you should absolutely vote for the OG ideas man!

Andrew Yang… well, he wasn’t crowing over a win so much as acknowledging that he only received 2 direct questions and he’ll be better prepared now that he knows what to expect next time.

Kirsten Gillibrand also hoped she made me proud. She reminded me that she was and always will be the fiercest voice for women’s rights and pointed out that according to FiveThirtyEight, she mentioned Trump the most out of anyone at the debates.

Jay Inslee sounded a warning about how climate change barely received 10 minutes between the debates, and we need him to keep fighting for it. Also, he reminded us that he got the biggest applause of Night 1 by saying Trump was the biggest threat to America right now.

Joe Biden was on damage control after Harris’ burn. He sent an email specifically addressing her attack on him. Sort of.

I’d like to say something about the debate last night.

I heard and I respect Senator Harris.

… But the discussion in this race today shouldn’t be about the past. It should be about how we can do better and move forward and give every kid in this country an opportunity to succeed.

Joe Biden

Except… after saying that we shouldn’t be talking about the past, he then proceeded to bring up things he’d done in the past.

John Delaney expressed some confusion: they had expected a surge of donations after the debate, but still are short of their deadline (u give moneys plz?)

Michael Bennet pointed out that CNN declared him one of the three winners of Night 2, and the donations are just pouring in.

Julian Castro must be feeling on top of the world, having done amazingly well in the post-debate focus groups and post-debate polls saying that voters are 7 times more likely to vote for him now than they were before the debates.

Pete Buttigieg’s team calmly reminded me that his performance at the debate proved why he’s risen near the top of the Democratic pack.

Tim Ryan is self-declaring victory as FiveThirtyEight came out to say that he had the highest polling bump of any candidate in the debates, a bump of 1,100%. Clearly, this is his moment and he needs to capitalize on it.

Elizabeth Warren’s husband told how he could tell just looking at her as he walked her from the green room to the debate stage that she was ready for this fight.

And even Steve Bullock was talking about his debate, though in his case, it was an all-Steve-Bullock debate he put on with Stephen Colbert.

While everyone was asking for money, not everyone was only asking for money. Joe Biden’s defense against Harris didn’t include an ask, and neither did Pete Buttigieg’s talk about Stonewall and how far we’ve come in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights since then and how far we still have to go.

Bill de Blasio also invoked Stonewall, but he asked for a donation at the same time.

This weekend is going to be all about the donations, though. Cory Booker has assured me that he’s going to be calling donors over the weekend, so I should keep my phone handy!

I worked on this chart for 8 hours. I hope you all can see it!

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