Debate 1: Night 2

The first debate is wrapping up with the second night! From left to right on stage, here are the candidates!

(Also, major apologies to John Delaney yesterday for mixing him up with John Hickenlooper. The post has been corrected!)

Marianne Williamson has been all over the board in her colors, her branding, and her message. A notable example is when she announced the last chance to win some debate tickets, gave the wrong date for the debate, and never had mentioned the contest prior to that email.

She tried at least one of almost everything.

John Hickenlooper has talked a little about his policies in his emails…but he’s only just launched them onto his website YESTERDAY.

Unlike the power of love Williamson, Hickenlooper welcomed me.

Andrew Yang has never once landed in my Spam folder, and has the best Primary record of all the candidates.

No one else is even this close to him.

Pete Buttigieg definitely is more interested in getting his information out and getting people engaged than he is about asking for money.

This chart is nicely balanced.

Joe Biden is absolutely obsessed with Donald Trump and impressing him so much with his fundraising that Trump will cry or shake or otherwise show a human emotion.

And this ISN’T counting the times he just says “we need to defeat Trump.”

Bernie Sanders absolutely prefers to get in touch in the middle of the week. Or Sunday. Sundays are nice.

He doesn’t like Mondays.

Kamala Harris wants only one thing from her mailing list: Money.

If anyone says “They’re all the same,” compare Harris to Buttigieg.

Kirsten Gillibrand is an early bird, or at least her campaign is. Not very many hit big morning numbers.

Everybody likes Midday and Evening.

Michael Bennet likes to let me know things he’s been appearing on or places talking about him.

They all like to talk about the debates.

Eric Swalwell has sent me absolutely nothing. Ever. It’s hard to support someone who doesn’t reach back.

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