Day 37: 6/26/19

The unofficial first day of the 2020 Democratic Primaries was launched with the first DNC debate between 10 of the top candidates. Another 10 candidates will be debating tonight, and another 5 candidates I’m tracking did not qualify for the first round of debates.

Nevertheless, 18 campaigns banded together to break the total daily record: 47 emails in 24 hours! 29 of those emails (62%) came from the candidates appearing on stage Wednesday night. I think they were nervously excited.

Elizabeth Warren’s numbers were a bit unexpected.

With 5 emails each, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren were the most prolific. They were also both on stage, and both are widely considered to have done a great job at the debates. Julian Castro, with 4 emails, was also on top coming out of the debates, and Tim Ryan, also with 4 emails, is confident that he did a great job himself.

That’s unusually high optimism!

Neutral is the default tone for these emails, but with such a big stage, many candidates were very positive. Pete Buttigieg was the only optimistic candidate on Wednesday not debating. Instead, he was super excited for how far he’d come and was hoping I’d help him go even further.

Tim Ryan was confident that his movement on Thursday would be twice as big as it was on Wednesday before the debate. This was, after all, the moment they’ve been building toward. He also emailed immediately before and after the debates, first with a thank you and a Springsteen quote, and then still high on the energy and feeling confident about the future.

Cory Booker offered a heartfelt thank you before stepping on stage, along with a call to go watch the debate right now! After the debates, he was all business again, asking for donors to step up so he could qualify for the Fall debates.

Beto O’Rourke’s team declared the debates a huge success for him after the fact, announcing that O’Rourke displayed the kind of leadership and vision needed to defeat Trump… but they do need a bit more money.

Amy Klobuchar was similarly confident with a subject declaring that she knocked it out of the park.

Leave a comment if this spread surprises you!

While the topic was overwhelmingly about the huge campaign event taking place that day, only one participating candidate really talked about the actual events that had just transpired. Jay Inslee was pleased with the debate overall, but worried that the topic of climate change only received a total of 8 minutes of discussion time.

Bernie Sanders emailed during the debate to make sure I was watching and pointed out how the issues being discussed had all been popularized by him and he had been fighting for them the longest.

John Hickenlooper was pleased with all of the great ideas being discussed on the stage, but believes that experience is the most important thing for the future nominee.

We had a new record of emails today, but I have a feeling that the Thursday wrap-up will be even bigger.

We’re fast approaching 1000 emails!

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