Debate 1: Night 1

The first debate is starting, and 10 of the candidates are taking the stage! I thought I’d share a bit of extra information about each of their emails…if they sent me any.

Bill de Blasio does not like to email on the weekend. Or Mondays…

But he does like to email on Friday…

Tim Ryan has been the most prolific emailer, but there were 2 days since I started tracking that he sent me nothing: May 22 and May 26.

And he’s been sending more and more emails as time goes on…

Julian Castro has never called me anything in his emails, but he has provided a variety of asks to keep his emails fresh.

If only he had a variety of ways of telling his story.

Cory Booker has been the most reliably optimistic and upbeat candidate, though he did have a moment of skepticism on May 30 over his fundraising.

He has all the tones!

Elizabeth Warren has a reputation for being a policy wonk, but as far as emails go, she prefers to use them to get money instead of spread policy.

She also really wanted me to have a beer with her.

Beto O’Rourke asked for money a lot, but he rarely gave deadlines. Only 7 of his 36 emails had both a total goal and an end time.

Beto’s pretty well-balanced overall.

Amy Klobuchar lets her staff handle the bulk of her emailing, but they struggle with new content. 7 of her 51 emails recycle the same tired story: A recent event in Des Moines was so full that Iowa Starting Line reported that “people were looking in the windows for a peek” of Amy!

The peeking in the windows thing started on June 6.

Tulsi Gabbard has never sent me a single email. I know she emails her donors, though. Way to represent those without money, Gabbard.

Jay Inslee has talked about climate change in more of his emails than he called me Friend. All of them. He has talked about climate change in all of his emails.

He called me Folks once.

John Delaney has failed to make enough of an impression on me that I both put Hickenlooper here originally and didn’t realize it wasn’t Hickenlooper on stage until about 2/3 of the way through the debate.

I’m sorry, Delaney.

Delaney has been harsh on his fellow Democrats, though they were also harsh on him. He’s called them out repeatedly for the bad policy of “Medicare for All” and other impossible promises.

He also has railed against inept Republicans.

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