Day 36: 6/25/19

I feel like every time I make a declaration on this blog, I need to walk back my words. Just yesterday, I called Pete Buttigieg out for “not typical political email spam.” Today, well…

With 36 emails rolling in from 19 campaigns, this was absolutely a busy day for everyone. It was the last day of contact before the debates, and the candidates were trying not to get nervous.

I’m debating how to handle the donor emails with this chart…

6 campaigns sent 3 emails each on Tuesday, with half of them debating on Wednesday (Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Tim Ryan) and half on Thursday (Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, and John Hickenlooper). The entire field of active mailing lists, except for Mike Gravel, made an appearance in my inbox.

Spouse is the most popular family.

Tuesday was the day for spousal support as two wives and one husband emailed on behalf of their partner. Kamala Harris’ husband commended his wife for her laser-like focus on the debates as she prepared and they squeezed in moments to be a couple. He asked that we help her not worry about the fundraising numbers by chipping in.

John Hickenlooper’s wife had a similar plea for money to support his momentum moving forward with the debates (twice, exactly the same). As an added incentive, he will be shown a list of everyone who donated before the debates right before the debates start. Don’t I want my name to be there?

Tim Ryan’s wife wants to give him more grassroots momentum than anyone else on the stage tonight, so I should chip in now. Except…he’s on the same stage as Elizabeth Warren. I don’t think this is a realistic goal.

That’s a donation percentage I’m more accustomed to.

Both John Delaney and Amy Klobuchar’s staff reached out with a digital “good luck!” card for me to sign, making this the most “other” requests in one day.

Bill de Blasio remembered he had a mailing list. After 18 days of silence, he got back to me with the results of his “what’s #ConDon’s biggest con?” poll. It wasn’t that Trump claims to be a self-made man (5% of the vote), but I had to click a link in his email to see more. Clicking links is forbidden in this experiment, so I guess we’ll all have to wonder forever about his biggest con.


Even de Blasio was focused on the two major topics of the day: fundraising and debating. Only Joe Biden and (technically) Pete Buttigieg sent emails that weren’t focused on either of those. Biden sent one email talking about the six year anniversary of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act (though aside from a video I couldn’t watch due to my no-interacting rule, he didn’t really say how he was going to fix it).

Pete Buttigieg’s email technically didn’t count as fundraising because even though it asked for money, like a dollar, it was not in response to any fundraising goals or deadlines, which has been the criteria I’ve been using. Instead, it was his National Investment Director explaining why he was the Investment Director and not the Finance Director (because donations are an investment into the vision Pete has for America, and so are investments of time and energy).

Unfortunately for Buttigieg and his National Investment Director, this email that fits right in with all the other campaign’s pleas for money followed on the heels of his inspiring call for true justice in our country.

Nobody’s perfect.

One notable fundraising email that really stood out to me this time came from a surprising source: Steve Bullock. He still complained about being blocked from the debate, but instead of just providing buttons to push to give him money, he gave an explanation of what those amounts could buy:

Here are a few ways you can help right now:

Chip in $3 to help pay for gas >>

Chip in $10 to buy office supplies for our brand new Iowa HQ >>

Chip in $25 to buy snacks for our hard-working organizers and volunteers >>

Chip in $50 to print more pamphlets to share with voters >>

Or chip in another amount to support Steve Bullock >>
-Team Bullock

No other campaign has given concrete examples of what they’d spend their money on. Not that it’s guaranteed that if you chip in $50, they’re definitely printing pamphlets, but the examples help solidify where your money is going instead of to a nebulous “support.”

For once in the life of this blog…Well done, Steve Bullock. That was something new.

Ryan is absolutely unstoppable!

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