Day 29: 6/18/19

16 campaigns sent 28 emails with one major focus: PLZ GIVE $$$.

Of course, that’s always the focus, but on Tuesday they were especially transparent about it. It was almost refreshing.

Maybe it was because a new challenger had entered the race.

Much nicer color spread.

Both Cory Booker and Tim Ryan were ahead of the curve with 3 emails each. Ryan offered a chance to win a trip to the debates in exchange for a donation twice, but then he remembered he’s supposed to be campaigning and pulled together a third email pointing out some problems and directing me to his website to see his plan to fix America.

Hardworking people in the USA fight day in and day out for the same thing. They want to earn a wage they can live on for a day’s work.
Factories have closed. Wages aren’t growing. The cost of healthcare is on the rise. And the American Dream is out of reach for way too many.
Tim has a plan to move our economy forward. Find out more at his website:
-Tim Ryan for America campaign

Booker offered a little more variety in his three emails with talk of his debate prep, a plea for 14,000 more donors by the end of the month, and a surprisingly positive email about Trump’s campaign launch. Or perhaps not so surprising: Booker has consistently been positive and optimistic about his campaign, unlike a few others I could mention…

The truth is we don’t need to raise more than Trump to win next year, but we can’t afford to get completely blown out in spending. After this FEC deadline, I want our report to show that we can raise the funds we need to compete — and win. And I want to show we’re building our campaign the right way, rejecting funds from corporate PACs and D.C. lobbyists.

Tonight, instead of getting angry following along with a “kickoff” rally filled with hateful rhetoric and blatant lies, join me in doing something productive to help put an end to this presidency. Chip in to support this grassroots campaign before our critical FEC fundraising deadline.

-Cory Booker

Biden finally has a day to be relevant!

Of course, with Trump publicly throwing his hat in the ring, Joe Biden’s obsession is finally appropriate. First, he let me know Trump was launching TONIGHT and that he was worried about falling short just as Trump’s campaign was taking off, and then seven hours later he told me that today was day one of Trump’s official re-election campaign and he wants to welcome Trump into the race by CRUSHING tonight’s fundraising goal, which was only 500 donations away.

(All caps are Biden’s emphasis, not mine)

It sounds like Biden is taking a leaf from the old political mailing list playbook: do incredibly well and be on the verge of catastrophe at the same time. He’s mild so far, but it will be interesting to see how disastrous his emails get before the end.

Bernie Sanders sent out an email with an exciting headline of BERNIE BEATS TRUMP and talked about how all the polls for nearly four years now had been putting Bernie ahead of Trump in match ups.

Kirsten Gillibrand laid out what she expects from Trump’s launch: him demeaning the vulnerable and punching down. America deserves something better in a president, and she knows she can be that something better.

Kamala Harris knows this too, though she is concerned with Trump’s $100 million war chest and needs my help building up her own resources to fight back.

Beto O’Rourke reminded me of the time he and Trump had dueling rallies in El Paso and asked me to have his back financially as he gears up to fight Trump again.

Finally, Steve Bullock pointed out that while Trump may have won Montana by 20 points, he won Montana by 4 points, and that proves he had what it takes to win across the entire country.

The rest of the candidates weren’t interested in Trump’s launch. At least not before his actual launch.

Some emails have more than one ask.

Most did ask for a donation, though Kamala Harris just wanted to point out she had a new limited-edition poster in her shop.

John Hickenlooper tried to trap me into some form of engagement. First, he asked me if I could give a dollar. Then he asked if I couldn’t, could I tell him why not?

We want to run a campaign that’s honest with you, and we invite you to be honest with us in return.
-Team Hickenlooper

The email subject was: “What’s the hangup here?”

Joke’s on them: I can’t answer either! No engagement until after the debates, when I’ll give everyone who’s qualified $1 and start tracking those lists as well. Sorry, Hickenlooper. Give me another week or two.

I finally pulled Debates out into their own topic! Added Contest too.

In other topics, Andrew Yang talked about a Washington Post magazine cover story he really liked (though without a link to it). Random Man Runs for President. It’s about Yang and his campaign, and it is about Yang being a fairly normal guy running for President and changing the conversation. He went on to talk about how only one candidate, the already-dropped-out Richard Ojeda, was the only actual “normal guy” in the race and that he knows he’s too rich to be considered “normal” in America.

When someone like me is considered normal, it’s a bad sign for our democracy. Too many Americans feel like their voices are unimportant.

Let’s change that. Let’s send a message that changes the course of history.

-Andrew Yang

While many campaigns were hosting giveaways to win a trip to the debates, Elizabeth Warren continued her offer of winning a chance to grab a beer with her. And her husband. And now with her dog, Bailey, as well. I do have to wonder: was she not getting enough attention when the prize was just her, or did she realize she could get MORE attention by throwing in a fluffy good boy?

Beto O’Rourke is trying a different sort of contest. He’s offering everyone their own personal referral link and asking people to gather donations for him. Two winners, the one who brings in the most money and the one who brings in the most donors, will get chances to meet with O’Rourke.

And Pete Buttigieg would just like to know if you could host a debate party for him.

I’m hoping to need some new charts once I start tracking donors.

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