Day 28: 6/17/19

Like most Mondays, yesterday was an uneventful day in the political inbox. Only 14 campaigns sent a total of 20 emails, and there was very little new content to make an exciting blog post about.

Not much color variation today.

Steve Bullock topped the charts with 3 emails in 1 day.

3 emails I had already seen before.

Every single one of Bullock’s emails on Monday were exact copies of earlier emails. His staff was clearly phoning it in. He needs money/donors for the July debate deadline. The DNC arbitrarily changes the rules. Give him a dollar and he’ll give you a free sticker.

At least the 4 who sent 2 emails each didn’t repeat themselves quite as much.

Tim Ryan did send the same email twice, inviting me to win a chance to the debates on Team Ryan. Elizabeth Warren is a little behind on her FEC deadline, so can you chip in? Also, Trump is starting to get scared of her, even though he’s sitting on a $40 million war chest, so throw more money her way. (For the record, Kamala Harris claims Trump has over $90 million in his war chest, and Joe Biden claims $100 million for Trump. According to his FEC filings, Trump had $40 million cash on hand at the end of March and had raised $97.8 million between 1/1/17 and 3/31/19.) Amy Klobuchar repeated her story about people peeking in the windows to see her for about the fifth time in a month, leading me to believe not much else exciting is going on for her, while she also offered a “free” sticker in exchange for a $2 donation, double that of all other candidates offering “free” stickers.

(Please insert your own shocked gasps.)

Joe Biden, meanwhile, repeated his campaign priorities survey, but then his online fundraising director sent me an email with the subject line: This is not a “HUGE DEADLINE, PLEASE HELP” email.

Spoiler alert: it actually was.

This month, you’re going to see a lot of emails along the line of “THIS IS THE BIGGEST FUNDRAISING DEADLINE OF OUR CAMPAIGN.”
You might even get a few of those from us — sorry!!!!

Public means that everyone will see these numbers, and you can bet that Donald Trump is particularly interested in them as well. So as you can see — it’s a pretty big deal.
We’ve set a real (and ambitious) goal, and we need to hit it. Can you donate to this email to show the world — and Trump! — that we have massive grassroots strength behind us?

We’ve created some weekly benchmarks to make sure we are on pace. If we can’t raise 10,000 more donations before tomorrow’s deadline, we’ll have to lower our overall quarterly goal.
These deadlines aren’t arbitrary, I promise. They’re real dates on a calendar that our team is constantly planning around.

Elana Firsht, Online Fundraising Director, Biden for President

As I talked about before, the dates aren’t arbitrary for the campaign. For the donors, “tomorrow’s deadline” means nothing, and only the FEC deadline has any sort of significance. For Biden’s campaign, though, they really only have a significant audience of one, just like Fox News.

Trump won’t be a problem after Day 1 of a Democratic President

That’s perhaps a low blow coming from me, who constantly harps on Democrats who attack other Democrats, but I’m very concerned with how much of Biden’s email strategy is focused on keeping Trump’s attention. Trump is a narcissist. Being desperate for his attendion feeds his ego. 20 out of Biden’s 53 emails focused on more than just defeating Trump. That’s 38%. The only candidate giving Trump more attention than Biden is Bill de Blasio with 6 out of 7 emails, or 86%.

I hate when the Repeat number is high.

Most of the emails on Monday had to do with the debate. In addition to Tim Ryan offering a trip to the debates, Jay Inslee also held up two tickets for one lucky donor. Marianne Williamson looked like she was offering a trip to the debates, but actually, she was just encouraging as many of her supporters as possible to show up in person and take to the streets of Miami wearing Williamson swag (possibly provided at the site) to show their solidarity with her during the debate.

Beto O’Rourke, on the other hand, pointed out that he was the only candidate campaigning publicly on Sunday, wrapping up a 12-day, 4-state, 29-event road trip and still made it home in time to celebrate Father’s Day with his sons.

And Amy Klobuchar once again had me questioning her color choices.

At least the highlight isn’t yellow?

Oh, but there was one exciting thing that happened. Vice News made a video analyzing the various emails from Presidential campaigns! It’s short, but it sums it up nicely.

Donate money: get harassed.

If you find my comment in the sea there, maybe give it a like so more people find us?

Come on, Williamson, just a few more and I can put your name inside the bar!

2 thoughts on “Day 28: 6/17/19

  1. The number of stupid comments I read searching for yours ate part of my soul. I finally found it (if I sorted by “New”) and gave my first ever YouTube Like. I had to create a channel just to click. It’s completely strange that the numbers were so vastly different for Biden. Gabbard isn’t as surprising, but tells me that her campaign has some serious oversights. Based on their video, these are the counts they got over the course of a week:

    Bullock 13
    Booker 12
    Gillibrand 9
    Warren 7
    Sanders 6
    Biden 3
    Gabbard 3
    Trump 2
    de Blasio 1


    1. I’m your first YouTube like! I feel special!

      I know they got more emails than the numbers they showed: they mentioned over 100 after all, and one from Delaney. Warren has used that beer GIF twice, and I remember Delaney’s “We hate this” email. I’m going to go through my numbers later today to see if I can find what week they used. I just can’t believe those Biden numbers though.


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