Day 25: 6/14/19

Friday was the most exciting day of the primary season to date. While only 31 emails from 18 campaigns rolled in, not quite a new record, they were full of optimism for the debates. The lineups were announced, and the campaigns could finally get their watch parties set in stone.

Oh, and End Citizens United wanted me to buy some limited-edition Obama socks.

Almost the whole field

Joe Biden wanted to make sure that I knew he was the very best at sending emails with a full 3 emails. He seems to be conflating “frontrunner in the polls” with “frontrunner in the inbox.” Most of the other campaigns restrained their excitement to just one or two emails.

We got the full spectrum!

For once since I changed the default email to “neutral,” the campaigns were largely optimistic about their future. Not everyone was all sunshine and roses, but surprisingly, the one active emailer who didn’t make the debate did not count among the Pessimistic or Mixed.

Joe Biden and Marianne Williamson were giving me mixed messages on Friday. Williamson was incredibly pumped and excited about the debate lineup, but acknowledged the downright dangerous events of the current administration this week, with Trump’s willingness to accept foreign aid, an executive order scaling back regulations of GMOs, and increasing hostilities with Iran.

Biden was mostly just obsessed with Trump being obsessed with him. In case it wasn’t clear from previous posts, Biden’s messaging is largely about how Trump has sooo much more money than he does, but that’s cool, because he has plenty of friends that will make sure he has sooooo much more money than Trump, and PS please please please be one of those friends so he doesn’t look weak in front of Trump.

But all this depends on hitting this end of quarter goal. Frankly, if we fall short Tuesday, we may never catch up.

Greg Schultz, Campaign Manager, Biden for President

It is a sad day when an inspirational author can talk about the realities of the Trump administration with more gravitas than a former Vice President can. Getting Trump out of office is important, yes, but this is a presidential primary, Biden, not a dick-measuring contest over who has the most money.

Despite Biden’s obsession with Trump, the real negative Nancy of the day was John Delaney. He made it into the debates. He made it into Night One of the debates. And he’s really sorry about all the fundraising emails he keeps sending me.

Look, we hate this too — we promise. The thing is, the DNC set up rules that prioritize how much money a candidate can raise over the vision they have for the future… And the fact of the matter is, if our fundraising numbers don’t pick up soon, our campaign may be silenced... Look, the 2020 Democratic debates shouldn’t just be a lineup of Democratic senators who stand there agreeing with one another. It should be a real and honest conversation about how we implement the change that Americans so desperately want to see.

Team Delaney

Have you ever noticed how frequently politicians say “Look” to start a point? You will now…

The DNC debate rules do not prioritize how much money candidates make, though. They prioritize how many people are willing to give money to a candidate. A candidate with $130,000 from 130,000 unique donors is prioritized over a candidate with $1,300,000 from 13,000 unique donors. And yet… and yet money is still the only thing that many of these campaigns seem to care about.

Well, money and winning.

Delaney’s earlier comments were counted as Dem-negative.

Winning is, of course, the goal of the primary. I can’t fault any campaign for wanting to win. I can fault them for the language they use.

This campaign has never been about DNC guidelines or debate rules (they change arbitrarily afterall). It’s about you.

Team Bullock

Steve Bullock did not make it into the debates. This is pretty much a death knell for a campaign, though he’s desperately clinging to hope and certain he still has a chance. He seems to be attempting to seize that chance by knocking the DNC.

The simple fact is that Bullock could not find 65,000 people to give him money in time. He could not find enough people being polled who would prefer him as president over all of the others in the crowded field. By every measurable metric, the American people are shouting to Bullock “WE DON’T WANT YOU!”

Attacking the people who would need to vote for you would be bad, so Bullock is attacking the only other group he can, the organizers of the debates. Clearly, it is their fault for randomly changing the rules and not telling him. (They claim they did. In March).

This does lead to an interesting conundrum. The DNC says they told Bullock’s people that the open-ended poll would not count months ago.

Bullock says he didn’t start running for President until just one month ago.

The poll in question was done in January. Out of 1,001 polled, 1% wrote in Bullock’s name as who they would vote for. Full details of this poll can be seen here (PDF). Was Bullock told a poll wouldn’t count before he officially announced his candidacy? Was everyone told that? Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi all received 1% of the vote too. Were they told?

I think I’ll have to leave the poll analysis to people who have more experience in this field. Suffice to say, with the clear and present threat of the current administration, instigating any sort of in-fighting or lack of trust among Democrats does not sit well with me. If given half the chance, Democrats tend to devour each other because we believe in accountability.

I’d like to see the DNC actually do something wrong before we start attacking them.

The debate lineups were announced as follows:

Wednesday, June 26:

  • Cory Booker: The first to email after the lineup was announced, naming his entire night lineup and acknowledging the tough competition. 48 total emails.
  • Julian Castro: Despite 2 emails after the lineup was announced, did not mention the date of his debate or who he would be on stage with. 40 total emails.
  • Bill de Blasio: No emails about the debate. 7 total emails.
  • John Delaney: Announced which date he was debating. No mention of his opponents. 20 total emails
  • Tulsi Gabbard: Still has never emailed me. 0 total emails.
  • Jay Inslee: Announced his full lineup, expressed confidence over his aggressive and comprehensive climate change plans. 26 total emails.
  • Amy Klobuchar: Gave debate date and expressed excitement. Asked her most vocal and dedicated supporters, like quiet, no-engagement me, to host a watch party. 31 total emails.
  • Beto O’Rourke: Offering a trip to the debates now that he knows what day his is. No mention of his opponents. 23 total emails.
  • Tim Ryan: Gave his debate date, asked for donations for his travel fund. 49 total emails.
  • Elizabeth Warren: Gave her debate date, wants help keeping up the fight via donations. 36 total emails

280 total emails from Night 1’s lineup.

Thursday, June 27:

  • Michael Bennet: Annouced his debate date, asked for $1 donations. 45 total emails.
  • Joe Biden: Debate date given, asked for watch parties and offered a trip to the debates if you donate. 47 total emails.
  • Pete Buttigieg: Date given, no mention of opponents. 9 total emails.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand: Gave her date and asked for watch parties. Image at top of email disappeared when I went to look at it on Saturday. 35 total emails.
  • Kamala Harris: Mentioned a few of her opponents on stage (Biden, Buttigieg, and Sanders), ready for the fight. 29 total emails.
  • John Hickenlooper: Announced date and gave a discount for any merch purchase using the coupon code DEBATE. No mention of how MUCH of a discount. 23 total emails.
  • Bernie Sanders: Excited to announce his debate date, asked for watch party hosts (including in Spanish if possible). 29 total emails.
  • Eric Swalwell: Never reached out to me. 😦 0 total emails.
  • Marianne Williamson: Named all of her lineup by surname only, except for “Mayor Pete.” (Could she not spell Buttigieg?). Couldn’t be more pumped. Dropped her green donate button for only purple ones. 9 total emails.
  • Andrew Yang: Gave his debate date and opponent lineup. Offered ways to help him succeed. 21 total emails.

247 total emails from Night 2’s lineup.

Night 1 definitely took the cake for most emails, but with Booker, Castro, and Ryan on stage together, of course it would. Bennet and Biden didn’t stand a chance without Bullock in their group.

Most of the candidates refrained from mentioning their opponents, and those who did spelled their names right. Williamson’s list of surnames and Mayor Pete had me smiling though. His name definitely stuck out.

And finally, of course, as I mentioned before the fold, ECU would like to sell me some Obama socks.

They wiggle back and forth.

I really need to mark them as spam.

Marianne is almost ready to flip! So close!

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