Day 24: 6/13/19

The end of the week and the middle of the month are lining up, and 15 campaigns have a Thursday burst of 27 emails. Day 24 also marked a new first: the first 3 unsolicited emails.

I have a new appreciation for the presidential emails after seeing the disaster plops that landed in my inbox yesterday.

Did Tim demonstrate…restraint!?

Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar tied with the End Citizens United PAC for most attempts to get my attention. Booker’s mother gave an admittedly biased call for donations sandwiched in-between two chances to win a trip to the debates on Booker’s campaign. Klobuchar realized this debate giveaway was drumming up attention, so she launched one herself. She also announced her mid-month goal of 10,000 new donors, and late at night she finally realized what Trump had said the other day and sent out an email suggesting that I could condemn Trump’s actions by donating to her campaign.

Biden is obsessed with Trump.

Klobuchar wasn’t the only candidate who lashed out at Trump. Kamala Harris scolded Trump for using the Attorney General as his personal defense attorney (with no mention of his accepting foreign influence comments). Joe Biden and Steve Bullock both sent petitions to ban foreign influence from our campaigns, though first Biden sent out an email discussing what top voter concerns were based on an earlier survey…not that he could tell us much because we could be working for the Trump campaign.

I’m feeling called out (the second one!)

Speaking of being called out, Bernie Sanders subtly thumbed his nose at unnamed candidates who supposedly laughed when they heard about a speech he was going to give.

Now some of these people who laugh need three polls and a focus group to tell them how they should talk about fundamental issues like health care.

It’s embarrassing.

Faiz Shakir (Bernie 2020 campaign manager)

Inslee was attacking everyone for attacking him.

Other negative-to-Dems comments came from Jay Inslee and Steve Bullock again, both complaining about the DNC rules. Bullock believes the DNC made the wrong call by blocking him from the debate (which he didn’t qualify for), while Inslee continues to be mad at everyone for not treating climate change as the only issue of any importance.

Does anyone think donate will ever drop below 50% on a non-holiday?

Michael Bennet picked a good day to advertise new merch, a day when no one else was. He sent an email to announce the launch of his Pride merch…halfway through Pride month. Congratulations, Bennet. You tried.

Bennet’s launch does change his Pride score from a 0 to a 3, so congratulations for real? I’ve updated that post to move him into his new position.

Other emails from yesterday that did not talk about Trump or the debates included Julian Castro appearing on a Fox News town hall (Thursday night? Didn’t the others all get weekends?), Tim Ryan appearing on the Daily Show, and Pete Buttigieg discussing his “Douglass Plan for Black America,” or his ideas for bold investments in racial inequality.

And yes. There really were only 7 of the 27 emails on Thursday (Castro sent 2 and Sanders sent 2 about his speech that got laughed at) that were neither mentioning Trump nor the debates.

The biggest shock of the day was opening my first untagged email in a long time…

What this screenshot fails to show is that the red text in the green box was flashing red and black.

Colors. Bold. ALL CAPS! Even Klobuchar or Ryan at their worst didn’t make my eyes hurt this badly.

But where did this email come from? The only places I’ve given my BTE email to are the candidates, WordPress, and ko-fi. I haven’t received a single spam email to this inbox other than the campaign emails sorted in. I haven’t even told friends or family what this email is.

The culprit was almost certainly one of the campaigns themselves. But which one?

The PAC informing me that astronaut Mark Kelly is not able to win without an immediate influx of money is called End Citizens United (ECU), and it claims it isn’t affiliated with any candidate but supports many candidates who want to end Citizens United. Makes sense. I put Steve Bullock on my suspect list because banning dark money is his main issue. Then I went to their website.

ECU had articles about various politicians who were acting in line with their goals. Bullock was called out, as was Beto O’Rourke. No other presidential candidates were mentioned. I added O’Rourke to my list and kept digging.

ECU had a webpage for all their endorsed candidates. I clicked and began scrolling. No presidential candidates, but just three down was a familiar name.

Not John.

Michael Bennet had emailed the other day to promote Jason Crow. He got Crow’s name wrong in the actual ask, calling him John. And now a PAC promoting Crow had sent me 3 unsolicited emails?

I added Bennet to my list and shot ECU an email asking where they got my name: I support a couple candidates and want to know who is valuing their cause!

No reply (yet).

I was going to reach out to every candidate to ask for their privacy policy, but finding Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign email proved nearly insurmountable.

If anyone is curious, this is the breakdown of what the genetic campaign email is for each campaign ___________@[CAMPAIGN WEBSITE]:

Tulsi ended up being

Instead of emailing, I ended up clicking on “Privacy Policy” on every campaign’s website and read up on what they’ll do with my data. Some interesting trends arose.

1 candidate did not publicize his privacy policy:

  • Tim Ryan

9 candidates said they might share information about me with (and the boilerplate was largely identical here): “candidates, political committees, organizations, groups, causes, and websites that we believe have similar viewpoints, principles, or objectives.”

  • Michael Bennet
  • John Delaney
  • Kamala Harris
  • Jay Inslee
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Seth Moulton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Marianne Williamson

1 candidate said he would share information in the event of selling assets belong to his campaign:

  • Andrew Yang

All the rest had some variation of “we won’t share your information with a third party unless they need it to help us do something we asked.”

There was one name on both my list of suspects and my list of candidates open to sharing their mailing lists.

Michael Bennet, I think you handed my email over to a spammy PAC.

This is alphabetical by last name, but Ryan feels like he’s in the wrong place.

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