Day 23: 6/12/19

Wednesday was the deadline for candidates to qualify for the first debate, so there was a huge push of 28 emails from 18 campaigns. Some were long, but some were startlingly short.

One of these names surprised me…

With 3 emails, Beto O’Rourke tied with Tim Ryan for most active emailer. While Ryan sent three fundraising pleas trying to squeak in before the deadline (he also qualifies based on polling), O’Rourke sent three very different emails.

O’Rourke started off with a Pride-themed email. In commemoration of his recently released action plan for LGBTQ+ equality, his campaign was offering a Pride-themed Beto button to anyone who donated. That was followed nearly six hours later with a long email from Amy O’Rourke, his wife, in which she talked about the weekend they spent in Iowa. Unlike John Delaney’s assurances that he had a great weekend at great events, Amy talked specifically about the farm they visited, the 5K they ran in, the immigration roundtable and then halls they held, and the Iowa Democratic Hall of Fame Dinner. For each event, she touched on what they learned about the policies that shape people’s lives and the people who would be affected by future policies. It was a nice reflection of life on the campaign trail.

It was then followed three hours later by the shortest political email ever:

No ambiguities here.

This is almost certainly a response to the President of the United States casually admitting on live television that yeah, if given the chance to commit treason, he would. Every politician does.

There is no “both sides” argument to be made here. Please vote blue in the 2020 election even if your preferred candidate doesn’t win the primary. We need to hit this administration in the ego as hard as we possibly can.

I regret making references to the DNC count as “news events.”

O’Rourke was the only candidate to respond to Trump’s admission via email so far, but he wasn’t the only candidate to talk about current events. Both Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren sent solemn emails about the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando three years ago (Pete’s with a trigger warning and a list of the names of all the victims we should remember that day). Neither included a donate button, and both condemned hate crimes, pushing a need for LGBTQ+ and racial equality and common-sense gun control. They also both ended on a hopeful note.

America is strongest when we celebrate our diversity — and when we come together.
That’s the message of Pride. That’s what I’m thinking about today. And that’s what we’re fighting for.
-Elizabeth Warren

Evil flows from peoples’ ability to see another human being as something other than a person; good comes from the ability to see and treasure another’s humanity as one’s own. That’s also called love, and love is going to win.

-Pete Buttigieg

In contrast, Mike Gravel offered a four-pack of campaign pins in exchange for a $3.75 donation. His branding was…unconventional.

I really just needed an excuse to share this image with you.

The 500th campaign email hit BTE’s inbox today, sent by our good friend Steve Bullock. In a rare concession, Bullock all but admitted he had no chance to get into the stage at the first debate and was now aiming for the second in July, which has the same threshold but a later deadline.

And Jay Inslee? He’s calmed down about the DNC (for now) and instead shared a bunch of right-wing attacks on his campaign as a reason why we need to help him achieve his mid-month deadline.

Are there any other overall charts you want to see?

2 thoughts on “Day 23: 6/12/19

  1. Still loving your blogs. I don’t get a whole lot of campaign email (I’m currently on the lists for only Mayor Pete and Jaime Harrison), but I still get a ton of JUNK. I always look forward to the announcement of the daily BTE! post.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I spent about two weeks last year unsubscribing from all the junk I got from conveying $5 to Obama once. Biggest regret of my political life, and part of the reason why I’m going to donate for the debates. I want to see the abuse I get for giving money and who makes me regret it.

      I got my first piece of junk mail today. It’ll show up in tomorrow’s post. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m having fun with this on my own, but it’s also always nice to see I’m not the only one enjoying it.


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