Day 22: 6/11/19

For all the excitement in politics on Tuesday, my inbox was fairly calm. 16 campaigns sent 21 emails, and only 4 of those campaigns sent more than 1.

I never thought I’d miss the days of everyone spamming me.

If you are surprised that Tim Ryan sent me the most emails, you must be new. Welcome! Ryan is currently holding the email record of 43 emails in 22 days. In an example of micro views informing macro views, Cory Booker has both the second-highest total email count, while Joe Biden and Steve Bullock are tied for third. As you can see from Tuesday’s emails, they all came in just under Ryan here too.

I’m learning all the ways to painfully ask for money.

There wasn’t much new. Almost everyone wants money. Joe Biden wants you to know how much Trump sucks and how much better than Trump he is. Cory Booker is trying to persuade potential donors with poetic words like “[M]aking a donation is a symbolic statement that you think our voice belongs in the debates.” Marianne Williamson is excited about her mass coordinated meet-ups to spread the power of love. Amy Klobuchar had the same story about people peeking in the windows to see her. Kamala Harris would like donations to show I’ve got her back.

Michael Bennet wants to save the internet from Republicans, and Bernie Sanders ranted about the Koch brothers trying to buy the Democrats.

Steve Bullock and Jay Inslee are raging against the DNC with language that is growing more desperate with every email.

Bullock is leaning on the fairness rule and whining about it.

The DNC changed the debate rules. That change could keep me out of the first Presidential Debate, simply for doing my job.


We know we ask you for a lot, but the DNC announced a rule that could block Governor Bullock — and only Governor Bullock — from the debate stage.

The long and short of the situation is that after the accusations in the 2016 primary, the DNC has been bending over backwards to look as non-partial as possible. They changed the rules to qualify for the debates to allow for both grassroots and polls support. Unfortunately, they had to draw a line somewhere, and 20 candidates have already qualified. If Bullock manages to get in, someone else will get kicked out, and of Bullock is struggling to hit 20th place…isn’t that a sign of the voice of the people? [Also worth noting, the DNC claims they privately told Bullock the disqualified poll would be disqualified back in March.]

Jay Inslee has qualified for the debates with both polls and grassroots donors, but his spot is on shaky ground of his own making. He has repeatedly pushed the DNC for a single-issue climate change debate, which the DNC has rejected. They also reiterated their long-standing rules that candidates who participate in unsanctioned debates will not be allowed to participate in DNC debates. Inslee is, in his own words, furious.

The DNC is not only stifling this issue, they’re stifling all the voices of this movement. And we can’t stand for it.

I’m extremely disappointed in the decision made by the DNC to refuse to hold a climate debate and to ignore these Democrats. And I’m extremely concerned about their threat to punish candidates who would participate in an outside climate debate by locking them out of future DNC debates. It is undemocratic.

If the DNC cared about the future of our country, they’d show it

Nobody is saying climate change isn’t a pressing issue. I did some analysis of the emails I received for BTE: only 10 candidates haven’t mentioned climate change in their emails, and 3 of those have never emailed me at all. Climate change is absolutely a major issue. But it’s not the only issue the next president will be facing, and as the debates are the introduction of many of these candidates to most of America, limiting them to just one issue is undemocratic.

As for being banned from non-sanctioned debates, that is to ensure that private or media groups can’t host their own debates for preferred candidates and lock anyone out with arbitrary rules. It’s not a new rule and has nothing to do with climate change.

What is worrying me about Inslee is the level of anger his emails are communicating over what he is perceiving as a slight on him instead of a fairness to the entire field. Is this the level of maturity and professionalism we could expect from a President Inslee? A temper tantrum of “righteous fury” if he doesn’t get what he wants?

Gee, why does that sound familiar?

The field is wide and we are spoiled for choice. Standing out is good, but it has to be in a positive way.

$86 is the apparent “default” for donation buttons.

Speaking of standing out, Pete Buttigieg has managed to both stand out and fall into step with the rest of the field. He sent out an email detailing his foreign policy speech yesterday, which I can’t recall any other candidates doing. However, he added two asks for campaign donations (no specific amounts given). Between this and his sticker email the previous day, Buttigieg has finally come out and acknowledged a political mailing list is ultimately all about the money.

I wonder who will be email number 500?

2 thoughts on “Day 22: 6/11/19

  1. I can somewhat empathize with Inslee’s position on having a dedicated debate. It’s not a trivial topic and just saying “Get back in to Paris” is akin to announcing you believe that climate change is actually happening. The DNC doesn’t like to pass up a chance for poor messaging, hence their response. If they were smart, they’d say something along the lines of: “We recognize that climate change adaptation and mitigation is an expansive domestic and foreign policy topic. Instead of having a single debate dedicated to the issue, the DNC will ensure that questions are asked throughout the primary season for a robust and sustained conversation to allow for more in depth vetting of the candidates. A subject of this importance can not be covered in just one night.”

    Also, it seems like Pete has really stepped up his frequency of email too.


    1. While I can empathize, I’m not happy about the tone, especially in context of 2016 and the false accusations of the DNC rigging the primary (I’ve done so much digging to figure out if there is any truth to the rumors). We really shouldn’t have a candidate attempting to sow discord against the party. I don’t care what Inslee thinks: the number one issue is getting a new President. The same goes for Bullock: they’re both playing the victim for not liking the rules of the game they decided to play.

      Pete has stepped up his email game. 🙂 I like getting most of his emails, though the foreign policy donate please didn’t feel like his others. He and Beto have similar focuses on what’s important and how to talk about problems and people. They’re my favorites to read.


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