Day 21: 6/10/19

A deadline is coming up, and so are the email counts. 18 campaigns sent me 23 emails on Monday, with such diverse topics such as the DNC debates, the debate thresholds, the summer debates, and the fall debates.

I kid. Some mentioned their recent speeches in Iowa.

They look so civilized when they’re all sending just one email.

With 3 emails today, Tim Ryan got my “whoa, slow down, buddy!” of the day, though Cory Booker, Steve Bullock, and Elizabeth Warren were missing at his heels with two each. Pete Buttigieg and Marianne Williamson continue to take turns sending me emails, keeping their thoughts about even, and Bernie Sanders wanted to remind me I could donate to get a copy of his book (and most people were donating $16, hint hint…)

12 emails between 11 am and 5 pm. Another 11 before 9 pm.

Despite the increased communication, nobody wanted to disturb my morning or night. They restrained themselves to typical work hours and early evening.

This chart is usually the most boring.

The majority of campaigns have continued to fall into my Promotions inbox, though Andrew Yang had yet another Primary email. Yang is doing something right, as a full 83.33% of his emails have ended up in my Primary box, with none hitting Spam. The next closest is Beto O’Rourke, who has lobbed 17.65% into my Primary inbox.

Today’s average ask: $20.32

The one spam yesterday came from Pete Buttigieg who finally popped his fundraising cherry. His new creative director has designed a “Win the Era” sticker exclusive to first-time donors only. She asked for any donation, even $1, and with that, Buttigieg has hit the average ask board.

I called “donate for a sticker/book” as merch promotion.

Michael Bennet was going for his “split a donation” strategy again in another attempt to get 65,000 donors before Wednesday’s deadline. He gets the rare “outside” ask for this attempt. Unfortunately, he bungled the ask. The entire email is discussing the importance of winning control of Congress and praising Jason Crow, a Colorado Representative who flipped a Republican seat in 2016 and is now under attack by the Republicans for 2020. However, when he actually asked

If we want to keep a servant leader like Jason fighting for the people in Washington, D.C., then it’s on all of us to have his back and help him win re-election. So today we’re asking you to split a $10 donation evenly between John and Michael. Will you chip in right now?
– Team Bennet

…who’s John?

Another flub, though not so accidental, came from Steve Bullock with his email “humbly asking” me to donate. On the surface, it seems harmless, but this exact email, with this exact subject line, has hit my inbox 3 times since June 8. This tells me one of two things.

Either this email has astronomical response rates, bringing the money pouring in, and the campaign doesn’t want to fix what isn’t broken.

Or the campaign’s email strategy is struggling, and it’s easier and cheaper to resend an old email than to just check a box of “reach out via email today.”

Between you and me, I suspect it’s the latter.

In the meantime, Joe Biden sent me a personal donation link and claimed the best way to show I was on Team Biden was to put $5 next to my name. Cory Booker was declaring nearly the exact opposite, reminding me that a donation for Booker does not mean I’m all in for him and only him. While my head knows logically that money talks and the campaigns with the most money will do the best, my heart says that money shouldn’t talk nearly so much in politics, and the campaign that makes it all about the money and out-raising their competitors has taken their eyes off the ball.

That being said, Tim Ryan has informed me he only needs 300 donors from my ZIP code, though a few hours later, he walked it back to 100. I’m not sure there are 100 people in my ZIP code who know who Ryan even is.

The field is crowded and campaigns are vying for the grassroots donors. All of these campaigns have been trying desperately to get my attention. Right now, I am not a donor through my BTE account, but I have been reconsidering my stance. After the first debates, I will go through and give $1 to everyone who was on the stage (provided they do not show an egregious lack of judgement that I cannot support, but as they are all Democrats, I doubt that will happen). This will move BTE to the donor list of presumably 20 campaigns, and we’ll get to see what level of inbox abuse happens once they’ve gotten a taste of my money. These donations have been funded by your own generous donations to my ko-fi account. Thank you for your support!

If you think I’m not eagerly anticipating the day Buttigieg and Williamson flip their names to the inside of their bars, you don’t know me very well.

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