Days Twelve and Thirteen

After a busy final week of May, the campaigns cooled down on the first couple of days of June. 45 emails on Friday turned into just 26 emails from 12 campaigns over the 2 days of the weekend.

That still averages more than 1 a day per campaign…

This chart looks so empty

Tim Ryan could not keep quiet even after the end of the month fundraising. I will forgive him his excitement, as 4 of his 5 emails were about his CNN Town Hall. As evidenced from other campaigns, a televised town hall appearance can be the chance for a breakout moment that launches a campaign to a higher tier.

In true Julian Castro fashion, his campaign sent the second-most amount of emails at 4 in 2 days. Deviating slightly from his norm, he didn’t have his family ask for money. Instead, he advertised his Pride merch, discussed his recent appearance at the MoveOn #BigIdeas event, and asked if I thought he deserved to be on the debate stage. Twice. The second time was a proper reply to the first ask, so it chained the messages together in my Gmail inbox without being tricky about it. While it earned Castro a positive thought, I was still feeling a bad taste from how needy he had been the previous week. Desperation doesn’t look good as a President.

That’s the lowest donate percentage yet!

Many of the campaigns backed off the money ask over the weekend. Only 3 campaigns actually followed up on their charts and deadlines and goals. Joe Biden announced he had met his May deadline (previously set at 100,000 individual donors) and praised his supporters. Amy Klobuchar also started her email with a thank you for hitting her $100,000 May goal. Elizabeth Warren was enthusiastically thankful for surpassing her May goal. However, at no point in the past two weeks did she actually set out a hard number for her goal. In fact, Warren joins a very short list of candidates who sent more than a welcome email to me but never stated a hard goal of either money or donors, which includes: Pete Buttigieg, Mike Gravel, and Bernie Sanders.

Three of the campaigns were ready to reward me with a “free” sticker. Michael Bennet had offered the stickers in exchange for a $1 donation for postage prior to the end of the month and said the offer was so popular they decided to extend it one more day. Joe Biden had a new batch of stickers arrive and will send them to anyone who makes a donation of any size in response to the email. I believe the minimum donation is $1. Bernie Sanders was the only one offering a truly “free” bumper sticker in exchange for my address so he knows where to send it. And yes, you can’t send me something without knowing where to send it, but at the same time, Sanders has been very big on collecting information from his supporters and potential supporters. As he had sent an email earlier discussing his BERN app and showing how easy it is to sign up and hand over all of your friends’ information to his campaign*…well, I’m hesitant to say the least.

*Note: I am aware much of the information from the BERN app is also collected by most campaigns through door knocking and voter records. However, I recently underwent a training with the DNC and learned about the levels of security that prevent just anyone from getting into this data. With BERN, it looks like all I need is an email and phone number. That’s where my concern comes from.

The numbers are accurate as of the time of writing, but not necessarily of posting.

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