Day Eleven

I thought 35 emails was a lot, but clearly I was unprepared for the last day of a month fundraising push. 17 campaigns sent a whopping 45 emails in just 24 hours! There were a lot of ups and downs emotionally, veiled threats, pleas, charts… so many charts!

I found the “increase font size” field…

Cory Booker and Julian Castro were the most vocal, with 4 emails each, but 10 of the 17 campaigns (59%) sent 3 or more emails. In fact, one 1 campaign restrained themselves to just 1 email on this Most Important Fundraising Day, and that was Andrew Yang. Furthermore, Yang’s single email wasn’t about fundraising exactly, but was announcing the launch of his Pride merch. He joined Pete Buttigieg, Mike Gravel, and Seth Moulton as candidates who had sent me emails in the past but weren’t worried about fundraising today.

You know, I can’t quite figure out what they wanted from me…

Yang was that Merch sliver, and Tim Ryan had a one-question survey wondering if I wanted to hear more on his plan to address the economy and climate change. However, he also only had one answer option: Yes. I can say with 100% surety that 100% of his respondents said Yes.

6 emails were forwarding a previous email.

Too many emails were falling into the “None” topic bucket, so I added a few more categories. I suspect “Welcome” will never get another email unless we get another candidate, but “Fundraising” is clearly a popular theme to write an email about, and “Repeat” means that either the email itself is a repeat or it is a “Hey, wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this!” forward. I’ll be adding these to The Framework sometime this weekend.

Emails can have multiple topics, but very few actually did. Of the 43 fundraising emails, just 7 had a topic that wasn’t merely a repeat of another fundraising email.

Beto O’Rourke referenced the DNC rule change. It’s still about fundraising, but it’s also about the debates, so I let him slide. By letting him slide, I also had to let Cory Booker and John Hickenlooper get “news event” credit by referencing the new debate rules. Michael Bennet was original by talking about his great town hall the night before, while Kirsten Gillibrand expressed her pleasure at how much support had come out for abortion rights and how it showed that standing up for your beliefs can pay off. Steve Bullock has been thrilled about an attack from a Republican superPAC that is funding ads against him, as it gives him something to rile up his followers about. Finally Hickenlooper wrote back again with a much better reference of recent events, talking about an attack ad against him from the NRA, his recently released policy on reproductive rights, and his request for an impeachment inquiry.

On average, the emails from Friday asked for a donation of $23.25. Biden’s campaign was asking for the most, at an average ask of $86, while far too many campaigns asked for just $1 in their desperation to get donors on their records.

As of the time of this writing, I have received 265 emails from 20 campaigns in 11 days. With 45 emails yesterday, that means 17% of the total political emails came in on one day.

For the record, 1/11th of the emails should have been 9%.

I hope this is easier to read! Let me know if any colors/sizes need to be fixed!

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