Day Nine

The Memorial Day peace has worn off, and Wednesday was the busiest day yet for my poor inbox. A record 30 emails came in from 15 campaigns. Many of them had to do with a breaking news story…but maybe not the one you’re thinking of.

May 29 2019 Campaign

At 3 emails each, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Elizabeth Warren were the most in-touch. It should come as no surprise that 10 of those 12 emails (83%) were asking for more money before the end-of-May deadline. Perhaps what is surprising is that 2 of those 12 emails did not ask for money.

May 29 2019 Subject

Cory Booker was the first to reference Robert Mueller’s press conference shortly after it aired. There was then silence on that front for a few hours before Bill de Blasio went on the warpath against #ConDon again, attempting to…compare himself to Trump?

But Bill de Blasio is a New Yorker, just like Trump. He knows all Trump’s tricks, and he’s tough enough to take #ConDon on.

Sure, it’s pitting him against Trump, but referencing anything about yourself being “just like Trump” in this election cycle is risky behavior for a Democrat. Maybe that’s why it landed in my Spam folder.

Kamala Harris also took a stand for impeaching Trump after listening to Mueller. Kirsten Gillibrand closed the Democratic conversation on Mueller’s statement for Wednesday with a petition to demand Congress begins impeachment hearings.

I have 11 references to news stories and only mentioned 4 emails. That’s because another 6 references were about the DNC’s decision to double the threshold for the third debate.

Cory Booker, Steve Bullock, Julian Castro, and Kirsten Gillibrand all referenced the new rules (with Booker and Bullock sending 2 emails each on this topic) and all expressed worry about not hitting the donor threshold in time. Out of those four, only Booker and Castro have already hit the 65,000 unique donor mark for the first debate.

That does leave 1 news reference that was neither about Mueller nor the DNC rules, and that came from Joe Biden. Trump attacked him via tweet while in Japan on Memorial Day, and Biden was quick to clap back.

The President’s comments are beneath the dignity of the office. To be on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator speaks for itself.

Various other emails of note from the flood today include:

  • Bernie Sanders sending an email with both the longest subject line yet (6 sentences! There’s an email body for a reason!) and yet the shortest email yet (from him) at only 8 paragraphs (plus greeting and sign off).
  • Julian Castro getting his mom to ask for money for him, as well as having some dedicated donors willing to match all donations finishing up the month of May, the first candidate to mention matching.
  • Tim Ryan sending an email from Dr. Mark Hyman (he’s a nutritional author) talking about our broken food system and how only Ryan has plans to fix it. Never mind that none of Ryan’s emails have mentioned this before nor did even this one explain HOW it was broken. It’s broken, and Ryan is the only one who sees it.
  • Joe Biden is concerned that even though he’s polling first, he didn’t have the donations to back it up. He’s asking his followers to not pay attention to the polls and rush him donations.
  • Kamala Harris sent out an updated version of her fundraising chart. She’s come a long way since her last update but is still worried about not being on-track.

Kamala Fundraising 5 May 29

Finally, a peek at the to-date numbers: we hit 200 campaign emails! I’ll let you know tomorrow who sent the 200th email in 10 days…

May 29 2019 to date

4 thoughts on “Day Nine

    1. I did get that email! In the overall chart, Pete’s finally showed up with a sliver of yellow. These posts are one day behind so I can include an entire day’s 24 hours. Pete will get some time in the Day 10 write up.


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