Day Eight

In an apparent attempt to make up for Monday’s lack of emails, 16 campaigns sent 28 emails yesterday. The most notable was the last one of the night, as it was the first from Mike Gravel. As May wraps up, more candidates are trying anything to fill their war chests.

At 3 emails in a single 24-hour period, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Tim Ryan were the neediest candidates. Booker and Ryan both had a small excuse–one of Booker’s emails was advertising the launch of his pride merch, while one of Ryan’s was discussing his CNN town hall–while Castro was simply recruiting his family.

Castro started the day off with an email from himself commenting on how many emails I would receive today. His wife followed up with an email rehashing the same tired lines Castro usually spouts about how no one thought someone like him, from a family like his, from a city like his, could ever make it. Later, Joaquin, his brother, wrote an impassioned plea to support his brother, he absolutely knows how hard he’ll work.

Ryan’s wife also sent an email today, forwarding an email from April written by one of Ryan’s best friends. The Ryan campaign also recruited Scarlett Lewis, mother of one of the Sandy Hook victims and founder of the Choose Love Movement, to write on his behalf.

In terms of tone, Booker started the day unrelenting positive, but by the night, some defeat was starting to creep in. He shared a chart showing only 12% of his $100,000 May goal and admitting that budget cuts are on the horizon. Contrast that to Beto O’Rourke, who didn’t even ask for a donation but merely flagged the new documentary about his Senate run and asked people to host watch parties. O’Rourke’s campaign seems blissfully unaware that everyone else is crying for end of month donations.

On a curious note, both Andrew Yang and Steve Bullock bragged about favorable words from some recent news articles, but neither of them linked to said articles. Rather than make me go “hey, awesome, these candidates are liked!” that lack of link made me frown and wonder if the articles said something less-favorable as well. Yang also reused a picture of an event from a previous email, making me wonder if he’s as popular as he claims.

Mike Gravel, on the other hand, talks about how pollsters are out to keep him down and how he’s seeing great in online straw polls, even though they aren’t very scientific. I had to admit, I chuckled at the spin.

As we make our final push we’ve learned a lot; mostly about just how committed establishment pollsters, often owned by the very same people who own everything and profit off war, are to keeping us off their tallies.
That’s because of this: when our message is heard, it resonates. Online straw polls, though unofficial and much less than scientific (Nate Silver probably won’t have ’em on his tracker), give us a chance to let them know there’s a constituency for our message.

Elizabeth Warren once again gave a sting toward people who accepted big-money donations, though she did not call out any specific party or candidate, so I’m not counting it as a negative piece.

Finally, I leave you with the emails by campaign to-date. With the message from Gravel, there are now only 5 candidates who have never emailed me…

4 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. Love what you are doing! As a Pete supporter, I’m mortified it has taken the campaign this long to add you to their list and respond 😦 It’s just not that hard. I’m super curious to know what is behind the delay…..


    1. I got a Pete email today, so that will be reported on tomorrow! I know that on the one hand, I’ve been drumming my fingers and checking my watch for Pete, but on the other, I’m getting pretty fed up with the people who are excessive in their contact!


    2. Pete’s campaign has, afaik, been pretty mindful not to pester people too much. He keeps saying that they won’t bombard you with e-mails so looks like they’re sticking to that.


      1. With how many emails I’m getting, I can definitely say I’m aware of who is being annoying and who isn’t! Several campaigns offer their email-lite subscription, which makes me wonder why they’re bothering to send non-essential emails anyway.


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