Days Five and Six

I expected a busy weekend. What I actually got was only 32 emails from 14 campaigns in 2 days. Absolutely nobody attempted to contact me after 9:00 PM EST, and 19 of the emails (59%) arrived on Saturday. It’s the last week of May, though, and the candidates are starting to get desperate…

Now you can see all the candidates who left me alone all weekend!

At 4 emails each, Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, and Steve Bullock are desperate for my attention. Bennet sent 2 emails asking for a donation and 2 emails asking me to fill out his survey. Bullock sent 2 emails asking for a donation, 1 asking me to fill out a survey, and 1 to sign a petition. Biden went old-school and just straight up asked for a donation in all 4 emails.

Beto O’Rourke and Jay Inslee were trying to play to their younger vibe by including emojis in their subject lines.

Appropriate camera choice
Makes perfect sense with the email advertising Pride and summer merch.

I can’t speak to the success of their attempts. I neither watched what Beto said on CNN or pride, sun, and surfed my way to Inslee’s shop. I did, however, approve of the spot of color in my bland inbox.

What I did not approve of was Julian Castro’s attempt to trick me into reading his email.

Here’s a hint, Team Castro: the sender doesn’t get the RE, the subject line does.

That’s right, the sender was spoofed to look like it was in response to an email I had sent, and the subject was written to look like a Gmail conversation thread that I had started. There is only one reason to write an email like this, and it’s to attempt to fool the reader into thinking it’s a conversation they’re already engaged in. A conversation they started.

I get it. It’s hard to be an underdog in a crowded field, and when you need every dollar you can get, you can start getting desperate. But email clicks don’t automatically mean donations, and if you need to trick me to get me to pay attention to you, you’re starting off this relationship on the wrong foot.

Castro’s wasn’t the only eyebrow-raising email that came in this weekend, nor was it the most eyebrow-raising. No, that dubious honor goes to Elizabeth Warren. Not to be outdone by Bernie Sanders, Warren has stepped into the Democratic-shade-slinging with this sting at her competitors:

Here’s a glimpse behind the curtain that a lot of other campaigns don’t want you to see:

On a long weekend like this one, candidates scoop money from mega-wealthy donors. They shuttle around to barbecues in the Hamptons and swanky dinners in Los Angeles — all behind closed doors.

And what do you need to do to get inside and have special access to a presidential candidate? Write a big, big, check. (Tip: the more zeroes, the better.)

The email continues on to explain how Warren doesn’t do this and therefore needs your help more than ever.

I have to admit, I was expecting the snide remark from Sanders, but seeing it in a Warren email took me by surprise. Sanders has a reputation for being blunt and outspoken in his beliefs, after all, and Warren has more of a powerhouse grandmother vibe. Maybe she’s trying to shake free of her routine and shake it up a little. I’m keeping an eye on her now, and not necessarily in a good way. There’s more than enough negativity coming from the current administration for both parties.

On a lighter note, all 3 of Cory Booker’s weekend emails were signed by Booker himself, thus keeping up his trend of writing all of his campaign emails.

I like it when the numbers are this nice.

However, that means that only 5 other emails were signed by the candidate. Most emails are either signed by the staff or unsigned. Usually an unsigned email is just an advertisement for the candidate’s merch shop.

Now that we’ve begun week two of this adventure, I’m going to start leaving you with this: an aggregate of all of the emails so far, and which campaigns have been the most vocal.

The field spreads out a lot more when you look at more than one day…

I’m trying something new with the overall charts in this post. Let me know if prefer the pie chart or the bar chart, or if you’d like me to try something different!

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