Day Four

23 emails today. Seems like we’re settling into a consistent number. 16 campaigns reached out to me. After reaching out for the first time yesterday, Kirsten Gillibrand got busy with a massive 3 emails in 24 hours. Tim Ryan didn’t want to be outdone and matched her message for message.

Can you spot the newcomer?

Bernie Sanders threw the first shade at his fellow Democrats today:

Our way is not easy. Meanwhile, other candidates can spend an hour in someone’s mansion and walk away with almost $1 million. Must be nice.

His messaging isn’t landing with me. For starters, he abuses the subject line. His email today had a 29-word subject. Yesterday, he had three full sentences!

The main problem I have with Sanders’ emails is that he’s trying to position himself as running a completely different campaign, relying solely on grassroots supporters, unlike every other candidate. Unfortunately for Bernie, I’m getting every other candidate’s emails. Do you know how many of them are telling me that they’re struggling because they’re running a grassroots campaign?

All of them. All of the candidates. All of them.

It’s hard to position yourself as the “other” when everyone is doing the same thing you are. This isn’t 2016 anymore…

2 of the 23 emails ended up in my Spam folder, one from Joe Biden and one from Michael Bennet. Biden’s was perhaps deserving, as it was merely an ad for his Pride merch (which is an interesting rabbit hole to explore in and of itself: go check out what candidates are offering trans-flag stuff and which are playing it safe with just the rainbow). Bennet’s had a subject line of “Mitch. Must. Go.” and the content was about how critical it was to take back the Senate and not just the White House. Bennet’s had the honor of being the first email received since May 21, 2019, that asked for a donation to something outside his own campaign:

We’re helping to build massive grassroots support from determined progressives like you to ensure Mitch gets the boot. So today we’re asking you to split a $10 donation evenly between Michael and the Kentucky Democratic Nominee Fund. Will you chip in right now?

I did not provide my name to any of these candidates. As every mailing list email is effectively a form email, it’s interesting to see how they handle my not having a name in the records. Am I a friend or team? Do they ignore names completely and just say “Hi,” or do they walk their own path like Biden does and address everyone with “Folks”?

If the email is signed by Biden, there’s guaranteed to be a “Folks” in there.

While there is a healthy skepticism over who actually writes these emails, and a good writer can easily write in a candidate’s voice, there are some noticeable differences for some of the campaigns between when the candidate signs the email and when a staffer signs the email. Take Kamala Harris’ fundraising emails, for example:

Grassroots supporters like you power this campaign. If you can step up your investment in our movement to elect Kamala, please pitch in right now:

Juan Rodriguez
Campaign Manager
Kamala 2020

Will you invest in our vision for America with a contribution today? Every single contribution gets us closer to reaching our crucial end-of-month fundraising goal.

Kamala Harris

I chose these quotes because they are both bolded and directly above a grid of donation buttons, but the whole tone of the emails matches the quotes. The email from Harris’ campaign manager is saying “You’re not doing enough, so do more,” while the tone of Kamala’s is more along the lines of “The right thing isn’t the easy thing, but you guys have always supported me in doing the right thing, can you do so again?”

Harris has been sending me a lot of emails. I’m starting to get invested in her tales of fundraising woes…

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning the new email from the latest Democratic candidate. Bill de Blasio finally reached out to me with his scathing nickname for the current President: #ConDon

I don’t know about you, but #ConDon’s temper tantrums are feeling more desperate by the day. And he keeps attacking us because he knows we’ve got his number.

de Blasio has joined Biden in being one of the few candidates directly attacking the current President by name (or nickname). It’s a tactic most of the candidates have been avoiding so far, and I’m interested to see where it goes.

(de Blasio calls me Friend!)

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