Day Three

The campaigns are ramping up, and my inbox is filling up. May 23, 2019, brought 24 emails again, up from yesterday’s 17. 14 campaigns were represented. Kirsten Gillibrand reached out to me for the first time today. It’s always super exciting to make a new friend (i.e. a new tag for my inbox and a new color for my charts).

The problem with a crowded Democratic field is that almost everyone (for some reason which is obviously completely unknowable and unfathomable) likes the color blue. Blue in their logo, blue in their webpage, blue in their neckties… When going through and assigning colors to everyone for my charts, I tried to pick a color that best summed up each candidate’s campaign.

How many blues do you count?

I nearly wept tears of joy over Kirsten Gillibrand’s choice of bright pink.

Julian Castro and Tim Ryan have been the most vocal candidates today, with 3 emails each. One of Julian’s ended up in my Spam folder, though, so maybe he was just trying to cover all his bases.

Interestingly, mild “threats” are starting to creep into the messaging. Not that it was all sunshine and roses before, but several campaigns are starting to bemoan their lack of engagement.

I give Optimistic by default. Maybe I’m too optimistic
  • Tim Ryan is worried about getting into the debates.

But, without you taking action today, he may not be on the national debate stage because the DNC has raised the threshold to qualify.

I’m polling in the top ten of presidential candidates in early states but I still may NOT be allowed on the debate stage. That’s because the DNC has raised the threshold to qualify for the debate.

  • Joe Biden is threatening budget cuts.

If just 5% of people reading this chip in we won’t have to make any cuts to their budgets.

  • Kamala Harris is worried about catching up to Trump and needing to make budget cuts.

I’m going to be honest: if our fundraising numbers don’t pick up significantly before May is over, I’ll have to make some decisions about where we can cut back… President Trump has already raised over $90 million for his campaign war chest. When Kamala wins the Democratic primary, we’ll have a lot of catching up to do to beat Trump.

Harris is definitely winning the most eyebrow-raising email of the day with her fundraising pleas. Her team is including a chart of their grassroots donations for the month of May with each ask, and the numbers are, well… see for yourself:

Less than $50,000 on May 22, image courtesy of Kamala Harris For The People
Maybe $75,000 on May 23? Image courtesy of Kamala Harris For The People

If this chart is showing the entire month of May, and their goal for the entire month is $500,000… I think “not on pace to meet our goal” is a bit of an understatement.

Elizabeth Warren is trying a different tact to pull in some May donations. While other campaigns are threatening budget cuts, Warren is dangling a possible phone call from the candidate, along with assurances that I’d own an equal part of the campaign no matter how small and that a donation to Warren doesn’t mean I have to throw all my support behind her 100% (yet).

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