Day Two

May 22 had the first full 24 hours of campaign emails. Things seemed to quiet down, with only 17 messages from 11 campaigns. Only 10 of those 17 (59%) were asking for a donation, with the average ask being $20.17.

Michael Bennet and Julian Castro tied for Most Eager today with 3 emails each. Interestingly, two heavy hitters, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, tied for second with 2 emails each.

Bernie finally dropped into my inbox…

Though emails can come in at any time and be read at any time, most of the candidates are sticking to the usual daytime hours for sending their messages. Only 1 email, from Steve Bullock, arrived after 9:00 PM EST.

Was it really that important that I sign my name to ban dark money that it couldn’t wait until morning, Steve?

Perhaps the most interesting content today was from Bernie Sanders, who sent his very first email to me…asking me to attend a webinar so I could learn about their strategy to win and how to use his new tool BERN to phone bank for him. I was impressed that as a non-donor who only gave the bare minimum of information, I was being trusted with apparently “insider” knowledge of his strategy. Guess it’s like Toyota, so good that even if he shares it, nobody else can apply it successfully and use it against him.

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